The ‘Best Seller’ List

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Here at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, we pride ourselves on all things sweet, but even more importantly, on all things chocolate. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of owning my own candy shop, and if you read all about me and my family a few posts back, you’d know that I worked in a candy store at a young age, and even met my husband at one! You can say candy shops and chocolate run in our blood. For these reasons and many more, my family and I have focused on perfecting our chocolate, fudge, and other sweet recipes for our customers to enjoy.

With the start of summer months only being a day away, there are tons of opportunities for chocolate and sweets. From weddings season, like we talked about in our previous blog, to birthdays, showers, graduations, vacations, barbeques, and much more, we think summertime just makes every celebration better. For this reason, we rounded up our ‘Best Seller’ list, most popular and favorite items of ours and customers alike. So if you need to grab favors for a party you are hosting, or want to surprise a family member or friend with a sweet treat when you stop on by their place, look no further than here. Plus, we think bringing a box of sweets is definitely going to score you another invite (think friends who have pools and relaxing backyards!)

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

In our opinion, salty and sweet is perhaps one of the best flavor combinations ever invited (though we may be a little biased). But that’s also why we (and our customers!) love our chocolate covered pretzels so much. From the ever popular chocolate dip and white chocolate swirl to our fancy chocolate covered pretzels, coated in everything from sprinkles, M&M’s, nuts, toffee, recess, and more, they really are the perfect treat for any occasion, big or small. From boxes to baskets, we have it all!


When you think back to summer time as a child, especially at the Jersey Shore, do you think of going into the boardwalk candy shop and taste testing some fudge? We do and that’s why our fudge is so special to us. Homemade in the shop, you can even watch the fudge being spread and cut right in our window. We have taken the time to perfect our recipe, and were even once lucky enough to be featured on ABC News for it! With classics favorites like chocolate peanut butter to fun flavors like birthday cake and watermelon, we have something for everyone.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Fresh, sweet fruit dipped in chocolate is another classic combination, forever loved by all. We take the time to hand select and hand dip only the most perfect strawberries, and frankly, the dipping technique takes some time to master itself! With it now being summer and strawberry season, now is the perfect time to gift someone a decorated chocolate covered strawberry basket, or, treat yourself to some strawberries after a long day or week, we won’t tell! Chocolate covered strawberries are perishable, though, so if you’re thinking about ordering some, they must be picked up in store and must stay refrigerated.

Gift Baskets, Boxes and Platters 

The ever classic chocolate gift basket – who wouldn’t want to see that walking through their door? Whether your friends or family members are hosting a backyard bash or small dinner party, or whether they’re celebrating a birthday, engagement, baby, new home, any time calls for a box of celebratory chocolates. Does everyone enjoy a surprise? Our most popular assorted box will do the trick. Perfect for dessert during a relaxing BBQ or pool party is our fresh fruit platter, with everyone’s favorite fruit options. But if you want everyone to truly enjoy a little fun piece of everything from marshmallow pops to potato chip bark, we have our Deluxe Gift Basket, or, if chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos are more everyone’s idea of a good time, we have the Jennifer Platter.


Everything on this list can be browsed through on our website and while some can be ordered online, everything can also be picked up in the shoppe. Stop by and check out our best sellers for your summer gatherings, or, even better, for yourself!