Jump into July

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July is here! We may be halfway through the Summer but you don’t have to think about that just yet. There’s still plenty of time to relax and celebrate, and luckily, July has many days of celebration for all chocolate and candy lovers. I may have a soft spot for all things sweet, and I’ll dig up any excuse to indulge, but here are a few legitimate reasons to get down with some rich, creamy goodness.

July 7th – National Chocolate Day

We’re baffled as to why this holiday isn’t every day, but I guess not everyone can embrace the chocolate lifestyle like we do at Suzi’s! You may limit yourself the other 364, but if there is a day to indulge, today is that day. Chocolate has been with mankind for over 4,000 years, after all! There’s a reason people and chocolate go so well together, it makes us happy. While a guilty conscience often follows our chocolate fueled endorphin rush, it doesn’t have to! At least not on National Chocolate Day, you owe yourself that much. Joining in on the festivities has never been easier, with our wide array of chocolate treats waiting to be picked up right in the shoppe.

July 8th – National Chocolate with Almonds Day

Only a day later and you have another excuse! This time a serving of heart healthy almonds makes it all go down even easier. That’s right, it’s National Chocolate with Almonds Day! Here at Suzi’s, we have just the thing for this annual occasion. Our chocolate almond bark has been a best seller for years, and likely will be for years to come! Nuts and chocolate are a classic and timeless combination.

July 10th – National Pina Colada Day

Here at Suzi’s, we like to celebrate any and all holidays, especially indulgent ones! A pina colada is a classic summer beverage, fit for an afternoon by the beach, and what better pairing than one of our decadent chocolate coconut sweets? For example, our pina colada fudge, Vanilla Fudge made with Real Pineapple, Coconut Flakes and a hint of Rum Flavoring, or, our pina colada oreos, dipped in our specially blended milk chocolate and topped with coconut for that warm tropical feeling.


July 20th – National Lollipop Day

What reminds you more of being a kid than a sweet, sticky lollipop? I’m a firm believer in letting loose the children inside all of us, it offers a refreshing perspective. Step into a portal of childlike wonder with one of our many chocolate pops. Or for a special birthday, check out our chocolate number pops, perfect to set atop a birthday cake. Feeling inspired by school? Or maybe just for the eccentric, we offer novelty chocolate pops like this miniature solid school bus! No need to stick to the average shapes.

July 28th – National Milk Chocolate Day

Milk Chocolate. Dark chocolate’s little brother, and a fan favorite of both adults and kids alike. With a slightly lighter, less bitter finish, milk chocolate is just easier to have in bigger bundles, in our opinion. And we encourage you to do so on this once a year occasion! With a selection as big as ours, it may be hard to settle, so we suggest some best sellers to get you started. Milk chocolate malt balls are always a classic and favorite among all ages! And to finish your holiday off right, we suggest some indulgent truffles, a crowd favorite every year. Our truffles unique flavors and composition leaves them with no replacement.

We hope July treats you sweetly just as our treats will. There is always a reason to celebrate, and July is no exception! And you deserve to celebrate right, so come on down to the shoppe or visit us on our website to help you do so this mid-summer season.