How You Can Get Healthier AND Eat Your Chocolate!

Posted on 01/11/2018 by admin   | No Comments

If your New Year’s resolution is to focus on your health, you probably think you have to give up all your favorite treats, like chocolate. We would like to share some very good reasons why you may not have to put down the chocolate quite yet!  It’s been proven that there are actually several health benefits to eating chocolate. And we aren’t just talking about dark chocolate here. Research is now finding that all types of the rich, decedent, creamy, treat may have health benefits. Of course, as always, the recommendation is to enjoy in moderation, and as with any food, too much is never a good thing. BUT there are some seriously good reasons to eat just a bit of chocolate every now and then.

First, chocolate can lower your chances of heart disease and stroke. According to a study done by the University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry in Scotland, 100 grams of chocolate, which is about two bags of M&M’s or two chocolate bars, a day can lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. The study was reported on by the Huffington Post, and concluded that people who ate chocolate regularly were 11% less likely to develop heart disease, and 23% less likely to suffer a stroke. So, break out the nightly chocolate and glass of red wine, because science says they’re healthy.

Next, we found that chocolate can lower blood pressure. Chocolate contains flavonols, which are naturally occurring compounds within chocolate. These have been suggested by some studies, such as the one noted above by the University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry, to affect blood by making platelets less sticky and improving blood flow to the brain. This means that blood can circulate better and ultimately affect blood pressure as well. There are less flavonols in milk chocolate than in dark chocolate, but the benefits are still there.

Research also show that chocolate can slow signs of aging. According to studies done by Cornell University in New York, chocolate can reduce signs of aging. This is due to one of the antioxidants that is naturally occurring in chocolate, epicatechin. This actually affects the brain and has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia. Other antioxidants also reduce the risk of arthritis and can ease the pain of arthritis.

Did you know chocolate can help fight the common cold? Antioxidants, got to love those little guys, in chocolate can fight the common cold, or at least help. Phenolics, was found to help ease symptoms of the common cold and help boost the immune system. Between this, and chocolates ability to help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, what more could you need?

In moderation, chocolate can be healthy and provide some serious health benefits, so it’s okay to satisfy your craving once in a while, without breaking your New Year’s resolution! If you want to reap the benefits of chocolate, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe can help! All our chocolate is home-made, so it’s always fresh. And we can make custom orders of dark, milk, or white with all your favorite combinations, like chocolate covered pretzels, hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries, or assorted chocolates with nuts and fillings. Visit our new website for all your chocolate needs, or you can stop by our shoppe in Middletown! After all, it’s good for your health!