Coffee and Chocolate Forever 2.0

Posted on 09/28/2017 by Suzi   | No Comments

coffee & chocolateThere are some pairings that just work. Abbot and Castello, Lucy & Ricky, Sonny and Cher, and this holds true with food. We all have our favorite pairings and for us at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe its chocolate and coffee. Chocolate and coffee are one of those classic pairings that is perfect for a dinner party or brunch.  Here are some of our favorite ways to pair these two favorites!

The Sweet and Salty. Mocha is a sweet coffee flavor, and with just the right chocolate, it can make the perfect sweet and salty combination. Since Mocha is made with espresso beans, hot milk, and either milk or dark chocolate added to it for sweetness, you’ll be doubling down with the chocolate for this flavor combination. Due to the sweetness of the mocha, we recommend salted caramel chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels, or for a fun night in watching movies, try a mocha coffee and chocolate covered potato chips. The sky is the limit with the sweet and salty combination, and it really is the culmination of all your food craving dreams.

The Opposites Attract. Certain flavor combinations seem so wrong, but are oh so right. Think fried eggs on burgers or avocado and goat cheese, or dare we say it, pineapple on pizza. That is exactly what white chocolate and an Americano are. The sweetness and subtle flavors of the white chocolate combined with the full-body, richer taste of the Americano coffee are a perfect complement to each other. We recommend white chocolate truffles with an Americano to really bring an interesting sensation to your palate.

The Straight Up Combo. If you need a little extra oomph in the morning, there is no shame in mixing your morning cup of joe with some delicious chocolate. Simply choose your chocolate flavor, a bar works fine, and poor some hot coffee right over a few pieces. The chocolate will melt creating a sweeter and more robust coffee. Dark chocolate is perfect for a mellow morning, whereas milk chocolate is the thing for the mid-afternoon pick me up.

We love coffee and we love chocolate, so combining the two makes for double the love! Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has everything you need to create these wonderful and classic chocolate and coffee pairings. So stop in for recommendations, or to try something sweet today! You can also shop online right on our website.