Family First

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suzi's sweet shoppe where the love of family meets chocolateAt Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe we value family and what that means, not only to us, but to our customers as well. That’s why our motto is: “Where the love of family meets the love of chocolate!”, because we know just how important family is. In fact, as a small business, we happen to be family owned, and family run! As many of you know, not only do my husband and I work in the shop, but so does our daughter, and before he moved out of state, so did our son Danny. This gives our motto a whole new meaning, because we really are embracing our family and the love we share, and extending that all to you through our love for chocolate.

Recently, our family has had some exciting events: our son Danny got married! And we cannot be happier about this! All our family and friends came together to celebrate the union of our son, and our now daughter-in-law, Kayla. Having everyone at the wedding made the day oh so special, and reminded us all at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, why we do what we do. We love bringing family together and being able to share all of those sweet moments. In fact, even before the wedding, our son and daughter were the prime examples of our motto. Working side by side, our dynamic duo made and packed up all his chocolate wedding favors! Showing just what family does for one another, and how the power of family is great to have in a pinch, especially in our shoppe.

But our own family events are not the only excitement this month! Aunts and Uncles Day is July 26th! It’s a great day to celebrate the important people in our lives who have been there to support us, but aren’t necessarily our parents. Sometimes we forget to celebrate the rest of our cheering section, so it’s important to remember them on Aunts and Uncles Day! Another big event this month is Father-in-Law Day on July 30th! It’s a great time to tell your father-in-law just how much you appreciate all that he does! From fixing things around the house, to being your go-to baby sitter, father-in-laws sure do a lot! So, with that in mind, remember Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has the perfect gift to let your aunts, uncles, and father-in-laws know just how much you appreciate them, because after all its “where the love of family meets the love of chocolate”.

You can shop online or in the store, so come on by and join the Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe family.

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Milk Chocolate Day is July 28th!

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chocolate covered pretzelsChocolate is one of the most popular treats around the world! Since the early explorers learned of its existence from the Aztecs, chocolate has been a coveted substance. Once only meant for royalty, this sweet, decadent dessert has become a treat for all! And at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe we love to make you feel like royalty with our homemade chocolate.

Everything in our store is made fresh, and our chocolate starts with the freshest and purest ingredient, the cocoa bean. Before chocolate can be the sweet, delicious, bar we think of, it starts off as a humble cocoa bean. The beans originated from Central and South America, and are far less sweet than the chocolate we actually eat! But these beans are what give chocolate its chocolate-y flavor. Without them chocolate would be nothing, and we would be far less happy people!

First, the beans are sorted and cleaned before roasting them, the roasting brings out their chocolate flavoring! From there the beans are then crushed to get at the “nibs” inside the beans. From there the nibs are sent through an air tunnel before being crushed down into a chocolatey paste, this will then be mixed with milk and sugar to become the sweet, creamy milk chocolate we eat. Chocolate can be processed differently to produce dark, milk, or white chocolate, which we offer all three at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe!

The Aztecs believed that chocolate was a gift from the gods, and we’d have to agree. We love the stuff, and we know you do too, which is why, in honor of Milk Chocolate Day on July 28th, we are having a HUGE sale! In celebration of our favorite day of the year stop by the shop between Sunday, July 23rd and Friday July 28th and take advantage of our sale! If you buy ½ Lb. of chocolate, get ¼ Lb. FREE! That’s how much we love chocolate and you! For more information head over to our website or stop by the store and check out all of our sweet deals!

Is there a better way to celebrate Milk Chocolate Day? We don’t think so! So join us for some fun and celebrate Milk Chocolate Day with all of us at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe.

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