Coffee and Chocolate Forever

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Wine and cheese, pizza and beer, chips and dip. What are we getting at here? These are some really popular food pairings that people LOVE! And just like these pairings, chocolate and coffee are best friends forever. These two things go together like peanut butter and jelly, and make for a really great party idea. Just like a wine and cheese tasting party, you can host a chocolate and coffee tasting party. So, without further ado here are some of the most popular chocolate and coffee pairings.

The Sweet Tooth Combo. If you have a major sweet tooth, like we do, then you are going to love the combination of a mocha coffee with a peanut butter cup or fudge. Might we suggest peanut butter fudge or caramel coconut delight? A mocha is chocolate flavored coffee after all, so this combination of sweet coffee with sweet and rich chocolate is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Another pairing that you could do with a mocha is the sweet and salty. Try a mocha with a chocolate covered pretzel for the perfect combo.

The Light and Sweet. If you prefer your coffee to have a lighter, milder flavor, like a light roast or breakfast blend, try pairing it with a more intense chocolate, like a truffle. Truffles are decadent balls of chocolate filled with all different types of flavors. For a truly amazing pairing try a light roast coffee with an Irish cream truffle. Or if you are looking for a different take on this, try a light roast coffee with one of our Daddy’s Favorite treats. These vanilla wafers topped with marshmallow fluff and coated in chocolate are a great addition to any cup of Joe.

The Nutty and smooth. Cappuccinos are a milky coffee that enhances the flavor of the beans, while making the coffee creamier, so we recommend pairing it with a more complex chocolate treat, such milk chocolate toffee bark or nut bark. The combination of the nuts and the coffee creates a surprisingly classic flavor, think Almond Joy.

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has everything you need to create these wonderful and classic chocolate and coffee pairings. So stop in for recommendations, or to try something sweet today! You can also shop online at our website.

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