Special Gifts for Those That Help You All Year Long

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Peppermint Bark Candy

December is all about the holidays and gift giving, so we thought it would be great to help you out with some of the people that you have forgotten to put on your gift list.  With life as busy as it is, especially now, you need all the help you can get to make gift giving easy.  We suggest that you check your list and check it twice to be sure that you have not overlooked some of the people who make your life a bit easier throughout the year.  Here is our list of top service providers you may want to recognize this holiday season:

  • Teachers
  • Dog Walker
  • Religious education staff
  • Hair stylist/salon services
  • Letter carrier
  • Tutor
  • Sports coaches
  • Babysitter
  • Paper delivery person
  • Concierge
  • Personal trainer

Now that you have them on your list, the challenge is what kind of gift to buy them.  There are many choices you can make, but few of them are pleasing to everyone the way that chocolate and candy is.  You can create custom gift baskets or go for pre-boxed or packaged gifts that fit any price range for gift giving.  With so many choices, flavors and forms of chocolate and candy you won’t have to worry about whether or not they will like it.  Some of our favorites for holiday gifts that say thank you for all you do are fudge by the pound, assorted chocolate lollipops, prepackaged gift baskets, beautifully boxed ribbon candy and 1 pound (or more) boxes of assorted chocolates.  The beauty of chocolate gifts is that you can buy extra for that unexpected guest that always seems to be at the holiday celebrations.

For one stop shopping, be sure to visit award winning Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, where all of the candy is homemade and renowned for its distinct smoothness.  Click here for more information on the candy at Suzi’s or stop by today.

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The Best of Holiday Gift Giving in Chocolate!

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Holiday Hostess Gift

Every holiday season finds people fighting the crowds and searching high and low for the perfect gift for friends, family and business associates.  There is one thing that we know for sure – everyone loves chocolate!  Whether it is milk, dark or white, chocolate makes a wonderful gift for just about anyone.  There are so many combinations and types of chocolate it’s hard to go wrong with the most loved confection of all time for your gift giving needs.

When it comes to corporate giving, a beautiful gift basket of delights can provide your client or customer’s office with much needed good cheer this holiday season.  By combining different selections, like fudge, peppermint bark and assorted chocolates you will be able to provide a gift that has something for everyone in any diverse work environment.  It’s easy to give chocolate gift baskets to customers afar as well because most Chocolatiers will provide shipping of the gift to just about anywhere.  There is even the ability to have custom made chocolate business cards or bars of chocolate with your corporate logo in them, which adds to the branding of your company while gift giving.  There are so many options it’s a great idea to talk to your local chocolate shop to get some ideas and guidance in corporate gift giving this holiday season.

Hostess gifts can be a difficult decision for even the best gift-givers.  It’s easy to grab a bottle of wine or champagne, but they may not always be the best option depending on your host.  Why not take a quick trip to your local chocolate and candy shop to pick up something really special to bring with you.  It’s guaranteed that while the bottles of alcohol line up on the kitchen counter, your gift of boxed chocolates will be the hit of the party.  If you want to out-do even the best hostess gift-givers, why not pre order a special chocolate holiday house, church or Santa sleigh to bring with you.  This will make for a great conversation piece that is purely edible and delicious too!  Most often the chocolate shop will be able to take your order over the phone a week or a few days ahead of time.  With a little planning, your hostess gift will make the holiday magic happen no matter where you are going this holiday season.  If you are the hostess this holiday season and are looking for fun and tasty party favors, chocolate pops in assorted holiday shapes or beautiful wreaths, Santa faces or even Dreidels filled with gold coins for Hanukka will make you the Hostess with the Mostess!

Gift giving for family members can be challenging, but even family members will appreciate the gift of fine homemade quality chocolate.  So, if you are looking for an affordable, delicious gift for your extended family instead of spending days baking cookies, just stop by your chocolate shop and load up on fudge, hot chocolate spoons or a variety of assorted chocolates and gift boxes.

There are so many obvious choices for gifts this holiday season, but instead of the normal pair of gloves, sweater, scarf or hat, why not give them something they really love – chocolate!  Check out all of these wonderful chocolate choices at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe by clicking here.

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Put the Finishing Touches on Your Thanksgiving Table

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Thanksgiving Table DecorWhen it comes to entertaining for Thanksgiving there are many creative ways to decorate your table that will wow your guests and add to the overall ambiance of your home.  A beautifully set table can make your Thanksgiving meal even more special.

From table runners to elegantly folded napkins and contrasting florals, there are many ways to set your table apart from the ordinary.  Here are some of our suggestions for creating a festive holiday table that will be unforgettable.

For your table settings start off with cream or neutral colored table linens that will provide the perfect backdrop and an opportunity to add the rich colors of the harvest in the form of table runners, napkins and florals.  This season metallics are all the rage, so set your dining plates off on silver or gold metallic charger plates.  In addition, painting small pumpkins in hues of golds and coppers will provide the rich warmth that is the essence of the Thanksgiving holiday.  And for some added fun, check out this link for napkin folding ideas.

If you are entertaining a lot of family and friends this Thanksgiving and are planning on the “children’s” table, there are several ways you can make it more special so that the kids are happy and entertained during dinner.  Martha Stewart has several great ideas for dressing up the children’s table.  From gourds as turkeys to corn husk dolls, the possibilities are endless.  Click here for all the details.

Your centerpiece is the focal point of the table and no matter your style, experts agree that you should rely on contrasting colors for added pop.  Our favorite centerpiece is Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe Chocolate Cornucopias. This takes an iconic Thanksgiving symbol to the next level.  The Cornucopia, or horn of plenty, symbolizes nourishment and abundance and is displayed with overflowing fruit, flowers, nuts or some other edible wealth reaped in the harvest.  In the case of Suzi’s Cornucopias, they are overflowing with smooth, creamy chocolates!  If you are looking for a unique centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, look no further.  We have large for the main table and even smaller ones for the children’s table.  Call Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe today for more information or to place an order.

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History of the Trick-Or-Treat

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Every year we get to dress up and be something/someone else for the day.  Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays, but have you ever thought about how Halloween came to be?  The ancient Celts celebrated November 1st as their New Year.  It was their belief that at this time the souls of the dead traveled into the other world because this was the time of year that marked winter was coming and colder darker days were on their way.  This is why this time of year was closely associated with death.  In order to help move the dead along, they sacrificed animals, vegetable and fruits to the dead as well as wore animal skins and heads as costumes around bonfires.  This was known as the festival of Samhain.  When the Roman’s conquered the Celts, they deemed this festival to be evil and changed it to be more Christian.  November 1st became known as All Saints Day, the eve of this day was called All Hallows Evening, which the name Halloween came from.

The ancient traditions by the Celts were deeply ingrained and no matter what the church tried, the Celts still celebrated that time the way they always had by leaving food outside their doors to appease the spirits.  Some argue that this is where the tradition of trick-or-treating came to be.  Like I mentioned earlier, the Celts dressed in animal skins, which is where the tradition of Halloween customs came from.

During the middle ages, the tradition of going from door to door existed in the form of “souling”.  Children would sing prayers for the dead in return for cakes.  In the United States, trick-or-treating became a Halloween tradition in the 1950s due to Walt Disney’s cartoon, Trick or Treat.  Ever since then, trick or treating has been here to stay.

So head down to Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe to pick up some treats for Halloween night!

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The Perfect Fall Treat: Caramel Apples

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With the cooler weather upon us, it’s nice to do fun outdoor activities with family like apple or pumpkin picking.  You can only eat so many plain apples or bake so many pies.  So why not create a fun fall treat like caramel apples?  Get together with your kids and brainstorm what you would like on your caramel apple: chocolate, sprinkles, nuts etc. the options are endless.

Preparing caramel apples is the perfect activity for all ages and skill levels.  Choosing smaller apples will be easier for you to not only make, but eat too!  If you have not been apple picking and need to buy apples from the store be sure to know that store bought apples are usually coated with a wax.  To get rid of the wax coating quickly dip them in boiling water and then wipe away the wax coating.  This will make it easier to coat your apples.

When you head to an orchard for apple picking or a grocery store, there are always many different kinds of apples.  Listed below are some of the apples best for baking or making caramel apples:

  • Granny Smith: Green in color, firm, tart
  • Jonathan: Yellow-red in color, firm, sweetly tart
  • Jonagold: A mixture of Jonathan and Golden Delicious in color, firm, tangy & sweet
  • Pink Lady: Blush color ,tangy, sweetly tart
  • McIntosh: Reddish-green color, firm, sweetly tart

These apples made it to this list because they are tarter than sweet, which counteracts the sweetness of the chocolate, candy and caramel toppings.  You want to avoid overly sweet apples like red delicious.

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe already has your favorite fall treat made fresh.  So head on down to pick up your caramel apple – eating them may be more fun than making them!  Visit our website for more delicious treats.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Suzi’s makes it even better!

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You probably know that starting your day off with breakfast is important and while cereal may be your breakfast of choice, who says you can’t also eat chocolate for breakfast? Did you know that Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe makes chocolate covered Capt’n Crunch? What better way to start your day than with a little chocolate! Stop in on your way to work in the morning and sample some, we think this chocolate treat will give you a great start to the day!

This is just one of many new ideas that we’ve returned from the Gift Basket Convention with – stay tuned for more!

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Go Behind the Scenes at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe

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Have you taken a look behind the scenes at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe? Watch a video of Suzi making some of her famous treats and discover how Suzi got her start. View the video by clicking here.

Did you know that if you’re a diabetic or are just watching those carbs, you can still enjoy delicious treats from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe. We have many treats that are free of sugar but full of delight, like our sugar free almond bark and fancy truffles.  With only the highest quality ingredients in each of our incredible sugar-free treats, you won’t even miss the sugar!

Do you have a special occasion coming up or need a unique gift for someone? Let Suzi’s customize the perfect gift basket for your special someone. At Suzi’s no two gift baskets are the same, we customize each one so that your gift is made especially for your recipient. We are looking forward to attending the Gift Basket Convention in Las Vegas on August 3rd, so we will have even more scrumptious ideas for gift giving.  Of course the store will still be open, and Cassandra and Dan will be happy to assist you!

And we’re already gearing up for August candy holidays…
•  4th – National Chocolate Chip Day
•  10th – S’mores Day
•  30th – National Toasted Marshmallow Day

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 Bring a Bit of Suzi’s to Your Next BBQ!

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We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool! When you’re attending those summer barbeques, why not bring the hostess some delicious treats from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe? Our fancy truffles or yummy fudge would be an exciting addition to the dessert table. How about some chocolate dipped licorice, chocolate covered pretzels with new toppings, or our new sugared orange slices in milk or dark chocolate for the kids? Summer is a great time to treat yourself and your friends and family to delicious chocolate!

We have 2 Candy Holidays coming up in July…
·   20th – National Lollipop Day
·   28th – National Milk Chocolate Day

Remember that Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has new summer hours:
Sunday 11am-3pm
Monday – closed
Tuesday 10:30am-5pm
Wednesday thru Friday 10:30am-7pm
Saturday 10am-4pm

If you haven’t yet placed your vote for Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe in the Monmouth Health and Life Magazines annual pole, there is still time!  Click here by 7/31 and cast your vote for Suzi’s.

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There’s still time to celebrate National Candy Month!

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There is still plenty of time left in June to help Suzi’s celebrate Nation Candy
Month.  Stop in the Shoppe and see what weekly specials we are making to celebrate.

We hope Dad had a great Father’s Day and enjoyed some scrumptious treats!

We recently celebrated National Fudge Day – hopefully you stopped in to sample some of our delicious fudge varieties.  Red Velvet, Watermelon, and Malted Milk
Fudge were just some of the favorites. If you didn’t try any fudge on National
Fudge Day, don’t worry – we’re always making mouth watering fudge daily in our kitchen & there is always a delicious flavor on hand.

Candy Holidays coming up in July….

* 7th – Chocolate Day
* 15th – Gummi Worm Day
* 20th – National Lollipop Day
* 28th – National Milk Chocolate Day

Today, June 26th, we’ll be attending a book launch for the book Step Up and Play Big written by a friend and coach, Chris Ruisi. You can find out more about the book and attending the book launch with us here: www.stepupandplaybig.com

At Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, we pride ourselves in making yummy exciting treats that
satisfy your sweet tooth.  We love creating new recipes for all our customers to
enjoy, so share your ideas with us.  Click here to complete this short survey
and let us know your favorites: http://wingmanplanning.com/suzisweetshoppesurvey

Thank you to all our loyal customers who voted for Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe in the
Monmouth County Health and Life Magazine survey. If you haven’t voted yet, you can click here and vote for us under the Restaurant and Food section for
Chocolate and Candy.

We had so much fun at the Fancy Food Show in Washington DC.  We brought back some great new ideas for yummy treats.  Stay tuned to see which ones we create first!

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June is National Candy Month & Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is Definitely Celebrating!

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Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is celebrating National Candy Month all month long in the Shoppe.  Stop in and see all the yummy special creations we are making each week, and help us celebrate National Candy Month!

Father’s Day is coming up on June 17th.  Celebrate that special Dad in your life with delicious chocolate molds from Suzi’s.  We have many fun ones to choose from.  We can even create a custom basket for Dad with all his favorite treats.

There is still time to place your order for our fabulous graduation favors.  Put your graduate’s picture on their very own customized chocolate bar wrapper.  Stop in or order online.

June Candy Holidays….
National Candy Month – all month long!
14th – Flag Day
16th – National Fudge Day
17th – Father’s Day

If you love fudge, then don’t forget to stop in the shoppe and see all the yummy flavors we are making to celebrate National Fudge Day. PLUS we have a great offer –Buy one pound, Get ½ lb FREE from now through June 16th to celebrate National Fudge Day.

Are you having a beach themed party?  Check out our new favors.  Milk chocolate and white chocolate shells with graham cracker crumbs, delicious and fun!

Later this month Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe will be attending the Fancy Food Show in Washington DC.  We always come home with new ideas and the latest treats to share with you so make sure to check in with Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe often!

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