‘Tis the Holiday Season

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holiday gift baskets with chocolateTurkey day is behind us, and there are only a few weeks until Christmas and Hanukah and then New Year’s Eve will bookend 2016. With the holidays comes a ton of parties and celebrations with friends and family, which also means a ton of hosting, potluck-ing and gift giving, but never fear because we have a few tips that are sure to help you out this holiday season.


Hosting a big dinner with family and friends is a great way to celebrate the holidays. And there is a certain amount of pride in all of your family and friends coming together to enjoy a meal that you cooked. However, if you aren’t cooking, maybe bring a hostess gift? Something that your host and the other guests can enjoy. It’s a great way to celebrate and say thank you to your host or hostess. It doesn’t have to be fancy, maybe some wine or a dessert, like a chocolate covered pretzel basket or platter. Whatever you decide to bring, it will be appreciated.


Potlucks are a great idea because it saves whoever is hosting a lot of time. The only problem is what do you bring? Well, there is one thing people can always use more of: dessert! Because it is the holidays, make sure you bring enough to feed all of the guests, or to make sure everyone at least gets a taste. Something that everyone loves this time of year is fudge. It looks great, tastes amazing, and comes in enough flavors for there to be something for everyone to enjoy. Plus it isn’t a big heavy dessert, but is still sweet. Also if you aren’t making it at home, you can easily find fudge platters this time of year at your local chocolate shop.

Gift Giving

The holiday season is the season of giving, but sometimes there are just so many people to buy for. Instead of worrying about getting your second cousin on your mother’s side who you see once a year something that they are interested in, give a foodie gift. Everyone loves food, so you really can’t go wrong with a fruit basket, chocolate basket or holiday candy gift. They are great gifts that can be put out at parties, shared with family and friends or hoarded all for yourself. Plus, they are easy to send anywhere in the country. All you have to do is order the basket and have the address of your intended recipient at the ready.

The holidays are one of the most fantastic and special time of the year. So we hope these little helpful hints make all of your holiday shopping merry and bright. And if you need any last minute hostess gifts, holiday presents or just something to bring to a potluck, check out the Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe website or stop into the store today! From our family to yours, happy holidays.