Fan Favorites: Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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There’s just something about the combination of sweet and salty. Much like peanut butter and chocolate, or fruit and chocolate, salty treats, like our pretzels, mixed with sweet milk, dark, or white chocolate, tends to cause a party in your mouth. This may be why our chocolate covered pretzels are a best seller and fan favorite here at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, with our clients and customers always ordering and requesting them for gifts, baskets, and mostly, for themselves! From baskets and boxes stuffed pretzels and seasonal rods, we have it all, which is why we wanted to feature some of our favorites, as an ode to the famous chocolate covered pretzel. We may be biased, but it’s hard not to be with a sweet treat that’s just this good, all year round.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels 

We had to start out with the classic. Our hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels are available in plain milk, dark, or white chocolate, and in the milk chocolate version, with various toppings. Everything from jimmies (or sprinkles), heath toffee crunch, m and m’s, reesces pieces, nonpareil seeds and pink sugar, are coated on top of our pretzels for a crunchy, chocolaty bite. As the shoppes best seller, come grab one (or grab them all!) for yourself today.

OMG Pretzel Rod 

There’s nothing simple about this pretzel rod, in fact, the flavor might even have you saying ‘omg’ yourself! Our OMG pretzel rod is coated in caramel, then marshmallow, then our delicious specially blended milk or dark chocolate and hand decorated with white drizzle. Talk about layers of flavor!

Pretzel Basket 

From ‘welcome home’ to ‘congratulations,’ ‘thank you’, or even if you want to be the hostess with the mostest, or spice up the dessert table at a family BBQ, the options to give out our pretzel basket are endless. This round willow basket comes filled with 18 chocolate covered pretzels with assorted toppings. You can choose between having all milk chocolate, all dark chocolate or milk and dark chocolate assorted pretzels. Throw in some pieces of chocolate in the mix and you have a basket that’s sure to please.

Giant Chocolate Pretzel 

Why have a bunch of small chocolate covered pretzels when you can have one giant one for double the sweet treat. Our giant chocolate pretzel is a mold filled with pretzel pieces and our deliciously blended chocolate, coated with chocolate, a white chocolate drizzle, and even more crunchy pieces for one big bite of fun.

Pretzel Quad Box 

Perfect to give as a gift or to share for two (or, even better, to snack on yourself!) our pretzel quad box offers milk, dark, or white chocolate plain pretzels, or, pretzels with assorted toppings like sprinkles, m & m’s, or even more chocolate. Tied up with a bow, this is a present for every and any holiday or occasion, even if that occasion is just sitting back and relaxing at home.

So many pretzel options, so little time. Or, in this case, we might make a little time for an awesome sweet snack. Stop in the shoppe or shop on our website for all of these and many more chocolate covered pretzel treats!


Jump into July

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July is here! We may be halfway through the Summer but you don’t have to think about that just yet. There’s still plenty of time to relax and celebrate, and luckily, July has many days of celebration for all chocolate and candy lovers. I may have a soft spot for all things sweet, and I’ll dig up any excuse to indulge, but here are a few legitimate reasons to get down with some rich, creamy goodness.

July 7th – National Chocolate Day

We’re baffled as to why this holiday isn’t every day, but I guess not everyone can embrace the chocolate lifestyle like we do at Suzi’s! You may limit yourself the other 364, but if there is a day to indulge, today is that day. Chocolate has been with mankind for over 4,000 years, after all! There’s a reason people and chocolate go so well together, it makes us happy. While a guilty conscience often follows our chocolate fueled endorphin rush, it doesn’t have to! At least not on National Chocolate Day, you owe yourself that much. Joining in on the festivities has never been easier, with our wide array of chocolate treats waiting to be picked up right in the shoppe.

July 8th – National Chocolate with Almonds Day

Only a day later and you have another excuse! This time a serving of heart healthy almonds makes it all go down even easier. That’s right, it’s National Chocolate with Almonds Day! Here at Suzi’s, we have just the thing for this annual occasion. Our chocolate almond bark has been a best seller for years, and likely will be for years to come! Nuts and chocolate are a classic and timeless combination.

July 10th – National Pina Colada Day

Here at Suzi’s, we like to celebrate any and all holidays, especially indulgent ones! A pina colada is a classic summer beverage, fit for an afternoon by the beach, and what better pairing than one of our decadent chocolate coconut sweets? For example, our pina colada fudge, Vanilla Fudge made with Real Pineapple, Coconut Flakes and a hint of Rum Flavoring, or, our pina colada oreos, dipped in our specially blended milk chocolate and topped with coconut for that warm tropical feeling.


July 20th – National Lollipop Day

What reminds you more of being a kid than a sweet, sticky lollipop? I’m a firm believer in letting loose the children inside all of us, it offers a refreshing perspective. Step into a portal of childlike wonder with one of our many chocolate pops. Or for a special birthday, check out our chocolate number pops, perfect to set atop a birthday cake. Feeling inspired by school? Or maybe just for the eccentric, we offer novelty chocolate pops like this miniature solid school bus! No need to stick to the average shapes.

July 28th – National Milk Chocolate Day

Milk Chocolate. Dark chocolate’s little brother, and a fan favorite of both adults and kids alike. With a slightly lighter, less bitter finish, milk chocolate is just easier to have in bigger bundles, in our opinion. And we encourage you to do so on this once a year occasion! With a selection as big as ours, it may be hard to settle, so we suggest some best sellers to get you started. Milk chocolate malt balls are always a classic and favorite among all ages! And to finish your holiday off right, we suggest some indulgent truffles, a crowd favorite every year. Our truffles unique flavors and composition leaves them with no replacement.

We hope July treats you sweetly just as our treats will. There is always a reason to celebrate, and July is no exception! And you deserve to celebrate right, so come on down to the shoppe or visit us on our website to help you do so this mid-summer season.

The Summer of Sweets

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Oh, sweet summertime, you are finally officially here! Though it hasn’t felt much like summer at the Jersey Shore other than the last week or so, we are so glad the heat is kicking up just in time. We love every time of the year here at Suzi’s, the holidays of the fall and winter, all the exciting things that happen throughout the spring, but there really is nothing better than summer here at the shore. Sure, we may be a little biased, but who can blame us!

From classic boardwalk treats to sea salt treats, I grew up on them all, and now I try to make the best versions of all my childhood favorites in the shoppe. I truly feel lucky everyday for being able to live out my dream, but feel even luckier to be doing it where my heart is happiest, on the Jersey Shore. I grew up here, fell in love here, raised my children here, and now get to work here, every single day! That’s why this blog is especially special to me, being an ode to all of Suzi’s Sweet Shoppes summertime favorites, plus, a sneak peek to the 4th of July, which is just around the corner! Time flies when you’re having this much sweet fun! We hope you enjoy all of these as much as we do, and hope you have a wonderful summer, wherever you may spend it.

Sea Salt Caramels

Oh, sea salt. Who would have ever thought you would go so well with chocolate? Luckily, this wonderful combination was discovered, and we think it was made specially with summertime in mind. Our sea salt caramels use our buttery caramel is cut into squares and hand-dipped in our decadent dark or milk chocolate and are sprinkled with sea salt. Rich, creamy chocolate, caramel, and sea salt give the sweet and salty mix you’ll love and need all summer long.


Beach in a Bag 

We know we’ve talked about our beach in a bag party favor a few times, but we really do love it that much. Plus, can you think of something that describes summertime better? Perfect for wedding season, our Beach in a Bag party favors come in a clear cello bag with graham cracker crumbs, a white chocolate star fish and 3 milk chocolate seashells and tied with your choice of ribbon color. After dancing all night in the sand, or enjoying beautiful waterfront views, we can’t think of a guest that wouldn’t be thrilled with this gift.

Watermelon Fudge

Watermelon may just be the unofficial official fruit of the summertime. Is there anything more crisp and refreshing after a long day by the beach or the pool, or as dessert to end a fun barbeque with family and friends? While we wish every season was watermelon season, (though, I have to admit, I snack on some whenever I get a chance), we love that watermelon just means warm weather and fun. Our watermelon fudge does just that as well, layers of watermelon flavored fudge, topped with chocolate chips as the seeds. You can have watermelon in one hand and fudge in the other this summer!

Fresh Fruit Platters 

Not only is June literally fresh fruit month, but Summer in general is the season of fruit and vegetables, the time when all of our favorites are available and at their most ripe. And as much as we love fruit here at Suzi’s, we love fruit dipped in chocolate even more. Bring one of our fresh fruit platters to a birthday party or barbeque and we promise you’ll be the star of the party, next to the platter of course! From our famous chocolate dipped strawberries to chocolate cups with blueberries, grapes and more, this is one dessert that is sure to please all summer long.

4th of July Favors 

To add to this list of our favorite summertime treats, we can’t forget about the most celebrated holiday of the summer – the 4th of July! Independence day brings a lot of all-American fun on it’s own, but since it’s right around the corner, we didn’t want you to forget about options for July 4th party favors! Make the celebration even sweeter with our chocolate flag lollipop or our chocolate hat lollipop, both made with milk chocolate and coated in red, white, and blue sprinkles. And you thought this day couldn’t get any better!

You can find all these sweet Summer treats on our website, or stop in the shoppe and say hello all summer long!


Grads and Dads

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We love June here at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe. It’s warm, but not too warm. Nights are still cool enough to hang out in a sweatshirt in front of the fire pit with friends and family. Summer officially starts, and along with it comes tons of fun events and celebrations. From birthday and weddings to graduations, June has it all. In our last few blogs we talked all about wedding fun, but for this post, it’s all about grads and dads – graduation parties and Father’s Day! From gifts to party favors, Suzi’s has you covered for all the happenings throughout June – and all summer long!

Father’s Day 

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th, and personally, I love Father’s Day just as much as I enjoy Mother’s Day. Not only is Stan a wonderful husband to me, but also an amazing father to our 4 children and the greatest grandfather to our 11 (yes 11!) grandchildren. It has been such a joy to see him take on those roles over the years. He is loving, caring, and just an all around great man who has always worked hard for our family. Because we love Father’s Day so much, we have plenty of sweet treats to celebrate my husband, my father, and all the awesome dads out there.

If the dads in your life are always fixing something around the house, we have our tool set, tools made out of solid sweet milk or dark chocolate. Or, maybe dad is a computer guy, and if that’s the case, we have the solid computer, made with milk, dark, or white chocolate. Sports are always dad approved, and for that we have our chocolate golf bag and balls set, made with either milk or dark chocolate paired with white chocolate balls, or our basketball or baseballs, solid milk chocolate balls wrapped in foil and perfect for Father’s Day. If you just want to say what really matters though, we have our dad box, with the word ‘dad’ spelled out in solid letters. Stop in the shoppe and pick these treats and many more just in time to celebrate dad!


Whether from high school, college, or any kind of school, graduating is a huge accomplishment in someones life. It’s also a huge accomplishment for the parents, take it from me, you give yourself a pat on the back for having smart and educated kids! There’s a lot of proud mom (and dad!) moments in a parents life, but seeing your kids walk on whatever stage their on and receive their diplomas are one of the greatest.

As you can tell, we love graduations here at Suzi’s, which is why we whip up some treats for grads too, whether giving them their own after their caps are thrown, or giving them away to guests at the end of celebrating your graduates party. We have the graduation cap lollipop, with the cap and scroll, or, the classic round chocolate graduation lollipop, with a hat and ‘happy graduation!’ in the center. For a sweet and salty favor, we have the graduation pretzel rod, chocolate in the shape of a diploma set on a pretzel rod. You can stop in the shoppe or order these online to get them in time to celebrate your grad!

With so many times to celebrate in the month of June, and all summer long, visit our website and order you and your grads and dads favorites today!

The ‘Best Seller’ List

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Here at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, we pride ourselves on all things sweet, but even more importantly, on all things chocolate. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of owning my own candy shop, and if you read all about me and my family a few posts back, you’d know that I worked in a candy store at a young age, and even met my husband at one! You can say candy shops and chocolate run in our blood. For these reasons and many more, my family and I have focused on perfecting our chocolate, fudge, and other sweet recipes for our customers to enjoy.

With the start of summer months only being a day away, there are tons of opportunities for chocolate and sweets. From weddings season, like we talked about in our previous blog, to birthdays, showers, graduations, vacations, barbeques, and much more, we think summertime just makes every celebration better. For this reason, we rounded up our ‘Best Seller’ list, most popular and favorite items of ours and customers alike. So if you need to grab favors for a party you are hosting, or want to surprise a family member or friend with a sweet treat when you stop on by their place, look no further than here. Plus, we think bringing a box of sweets is definitely going to score you another invite (think friends who have pools and relaxing backyards!)

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

In our opinion, salty and sweet is perhaps one of the best flavor combinations ever invited (though we may be a little biased). But that’s also why we (and our customers!) love our chocolate covered pretzels so much. From the ever popular chocolate dip and white chocolate swirl to our fancy chocolate covered pretzels, coated in everything from sprinkles, M&M’s, nuts, toffee, recess, and more, they really are the perfect treat for any occasion, big or small. From boxes to baskets, we have it all!


When you think back to summer time as a child, especially at the Jersey Shore, do you think of going into the boardwalk candy shop and taste testing some fudge? We do and that’s why our fudge is so special to us. Homemade in the shop, you can even watch the fudge being spread and cut right in our window. We have taken the time to perfect our recipe, and were even once lucky enough to be featured on ABC News for it! With classics favorites like chocolate peanut butter to fun flavors like birthday cake and watermelon, we have something for everyone.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Fresh, sweet fruit dipped in chocolate is another classic combination, forever loved by all. We take the time to hand select and hand dip only the most perfect strawberries, and frankly, the dipping technique takes some time to master itself! With it now being summer and strawberry season, now is the perfect time to gift someone a decorated chocolate covered strawberry basket, or, treat yourself to some strawberries after a long day or week, we won’t tell! Chocolate covered strawberries are perishable, though, so if you’re thinking about ordering some, they must be picked up in store and must stay refrigerated.

Gift Baskets, Boxes and Platters 

The ever classic chocolate gift basket – who wouldn’t want to see that walking through their door? Whether your friends or family members are hosting a backyard bash or small dinner party, or whether they’re celebrating a birthday, engagement, baby, new home, any time calls for a box of celebratory chocolates. Does everyone enjoy a surprise? Our most popular assorted box will do the trick. Perfect for dessert during a relaxing BBQ or pool party is our fresh fruit platter, with everyone’s favorite fruit options. But if you want everyone to truly enjoy a little fun piece of everything from marshmallow pops to potato chip bark, we have our Deluxe Gift Basket, or, if chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos are more everyone’s idea of a good time, we have the Jennifer Platter.


Everything on this list can be browsed through on our website and while some can be ordered online, everything can also be picked up in the shoppe. Stop by and check out our best sellers for your summer gatherings, or, even better, for yourself!

Love is in the Air… It’s Wedding Season!

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Spring and Summer mean so many things in New Jersey. Warm weather, beautiful flowers, boardwalks, the Jersey Shore, and countless other fun and exciting things. It’s our favorite time of the year here at Suzi’s for this reason and many more. The seasons bring graduations from both high school and college, birthdays and showers, tons of fun holidays, and most of all, wedding season! Of course, couples have amazing weddings all year around, but many, especially here at the Jersey Shore, want to get married when the weather is right. And we all the blooming trees and beautiful beach backdrop opportunities, we can’t say that we blame them!

We know wedding planning is hectic for everyone involved, between the venue, the food, the music, and the millions of small details to make your wedding one you always dreamed of, and make it a night to remember for all. Here at Suzi’s, our goal is to make weddings even easier (and more delicious!) for the bride and groom, and their guests. That’s why we have plenty of ideas when it comes to favors, all the more fun and tasty than the next. With plenty of time to order for your summer wedding festivities, we created a round up of our favorite favors for you to chose from, and, most importantly, ones that we know guests will love.

If your friends and family are major chocolate lovers, we present to you our 4 Piece Truffle Favor (also available in 2 Piece!) With two milk chocolate and two dark chocolate truffles, there’s a bite for everyone to enjoy. The truffle box is wrapped in ribbon, or, customized ribbon can also be ordered for an additional cost. Our Chocolate Heart Box will make a statement between wedding goers, with two favors in one! Our hollow box can hold items like Jordan Almonds, a traditional wedding favor, or, make a fun and colorful twist with our handmade nonpareils. Another option is our Wedding Bell Chocolate Box, which offers the same idea!

For a fun take on a wedding favor, we offer our Mini Wine Bottles. You supply us the bottles, we’ll dip it in chocolate and tie it with a bow. What better pairing than wine and chocolate? For all of the beach weddings this summer, we have for you our Beach in a Bag.  Wrapped in a clear cello bag with graham cracker crumbs comes a white chocolate star fish and 3 milk chocolate seashells and tied with your choice of ribbon color. Customized ribbon can also be ordered for an additional cost. But because we know that beach sand is messy, we don’t recommend shipping this item as the graham cracker crumbs will be all over and not look appealing.

With plenty more favors available on our website, check out our wedding section, or, stop by the shoppe and discuss wedding favor options today! We’ll handle the favors, and you’ll be able to check one more thing off your list. Happy Wedding Season everyone!



A Jumpstart to May

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We can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of May and April is already behind us! Time flies when you’re having fun, and boy, did we have a lot of fun this past month! From celebrating our graduates and a bunch of candy holidays, and even a music video in the mix (details coming soon!) the team here has been busy, but we’re so excited for warm weather and for what’s to come. That’s why we wanted to give you a jumpstart to the happenings here at Suzi’s for the month of May, and get you prepared for the sunny month just as much as we are!

To start off the month, we have a week dedicated to both teachers and nurses, some of the most hardworking people we know! National Nurses Week begins on May 6th and ends on May 12th. It features a host of events across the U.S. to honor nurses for the work they do, and educates the public about nurses role in health care. Teacher Appreciation week is from May 7-11, with Teacher Day being on Tuesday, May 8th. Both the week and the day celebrate teachers and the work they do for education and society. Do you have a special or favorite nurse or teacher in your life? Shop online or stop in the shoppe and grab a treat to show them how much you care! For nurses, we have our Nurse Set, with medical tools made out of milk, dark, or white chocolate, and for teachers we have options like our Teacher Lollipop, a milk, white, or dark chocolate chalkboard outlined in sprinkles, our School Bus Box, with a chocolate school bus and two of our favorite chocolate covered pretzels, and much more!

With more celebrations in order, Sunday, May 13th is all about mom on Mother’s Day. No matter how old you are, you can appreciate all the things Mom has done for you everyday, but especially today. There’s nothing your favorite hardworking lady can’t do, so to show her how much you care with some of her favorite sweets! (Because what mom doesn’t love some chocolate?) Having four children and 11 grandchildren of my own, I can vouch for that! We love moms at Suzi’s, which is why we’ve whipped up so many options for them, from truffles to berries. Some of our favorites include our MOM set, in milk, dark, or white chocolate, our I Love You record, made with milk chocolate (but can be made with white or dark if you allow us extra time!), and our famous Chocolate Covered Strawberries, made in an assortment of chocolates, and, if you’d like, an assortment of toppings, in boxes of 6 or 12. These are only available for in store pick-up, as strawberries are perishable!

Don’t miss out! Order online and pick up in store to skip the line, or, stop in a grab some sweet treats for all the awesome nurses, teachers, and moms in your life, today!

April National Holidays

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April is finally here! And though it may not feel like it just yet, it’s officially springtime. We may have had a strange start, with Easter being so early in the season, and having to fight through a few cold weather days, but luckily, there’s still a lot of fun and exciting things coming up for the month. We compiled a list of national holidays to celebrate throughout the month of April, even if the celebration means just grabbing a little something sweet for yourself. We never need an excuse for a treat, and now, neither do you.

April 10th – National Golfers Day 

Have a golfer in your life, or love the game yourself? This is your day to celebrate! Even if you can’t get out on the green today, you can grab our golf bag and balls, complete with a dark or milk chocolate bag, and white chocolate golf balls. Or, you can make everything the same flavor of your favorite chocolate! You can lose a round, but you can’t lose with this.


April 12th – National Licorice Day

A whole day to celebrate your favorite old school classic candy? We’re not complaining! We prefer our licorice strawberry flavored and chocolate dipped by hand, in either milk or dark chocolate. And, because we (or anyone we know) can’t just have one, we sell ours in packs of 3.



April 21st – National Chocolate Covered Cashew Day 

We don’t know about you, but our favorite way to eat cashews is covered in chocolate. (We feel that way about a lot of things, though). If you agree, you’re in luck, in the form of our cashew bark. All you have to do is decide whether you want to mix them together in milk, dark, or white chocolate! A tough choice, we agree.


April 22nd – National Jelly Bean Day

Chocolate is our thing, but you know we’re big fans of all kinds of candy. That includes another classic favorite – jelly beans! Ours are fat free, gluten free, nut free, and kosher, so you don’t have to feel bad about ordering or stopping in the shop and grabbing the bigger bag.




April 25th – Administrative Professionals Day

What a better way to say ‘thank you’ to the people who keep your business running smoothly than with a basket of chocolate? We have multiple options for corporate gift ideas, including this basket! But order soon, the month will come and go before you know it!


April 26th – National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day 

It’s almost like they saved one of our favorites for last. We don’t ever need an excuse to indulge in our favorite chocolate covered pretzel, but if you need one, here it is! From big to small, from baskets to rods, we have all the selection you could want.



If any of these treats are calling your name, we invite you to celebrate on their national day with us. Or, why wait? Stop in the shop or shop our website for all of these and more.










Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

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mom and pop business owners dayAccording to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are more than 27 million small businesses in the United States. There is something wonderful about shopping at and supporting local business, especially at a mom and pop shop like Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe. You just can’t beat the personal, friendly service and the quality of the merchandise you buy from mom and pop stores. Plus, there isn’t anything quite like walking into a shop and somehow feeling welcome, like you just came home or to grandma’s house. While it’s hard to compete with larger, “big-box” stores, small, family owned businesses will always have a place in our neighborhoods, and we’re living proof!

For myself and my husband, Stan, the chocolate business hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been something that’s been apart of us. We have been married for 28 years, and if can you imagine – we actually met in a candy store! I have been working in candy shops since I was a freshman in high school, and through the trials of multiple full time jobs for the both of us, I never forgot my dream of owning my own one day. When I finally got the chance to open my own store, I jumped on it, knowing that Stan and I both knew the ins and outs of the chocolate business. The start came with many ups and downs (and even a location change!), but the shoppe has been opened since November 1998, and I have loved every day since. 4 children and 11 grandchildren later, we base our work around love and family, and have found that if you’re doing what you’re truly passionate about, most days don’t seem like a job at all!

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day is March 29th and it is a day meant to celebrate and honor small business owners. We at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe are proud and honored to be part of this small niche of people that make up mom and pop shops. We appreciate our customers for allowing us to continue serving our community with a smile, and of course, chocolate! Part of being a small business means that we care about our customers in a way that big department stores and chains never can. We know many of our customers by name, and are always happy to help them make selections or create the perfect gift. We value everything that we put into our chocolates and candies, because those are the things that make you smile. That’s why for the last 20 years, Stan and I have been making our chocolate in store from the highest quality and freshest ingredients. That makes our chocolate just a little more special, and of course, tasty!

We love to see your smiling faces and making your taste buds happy! Help us and other small businesses like ours celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day by stopping by our store or shop online and treat yourself to something local!

Easter and Passover Gift Guide

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Easter and Passover are right around the corner, with both holidays falling very early on their seasonal calendars. (Passover is next Friday, March 30th – Saturday, April 7th and Easter is Sunday, April 1st). With time flying and the holidays approaching fast, now is the perfect time to stock up on some of your kids favorite chocolates and treats, and grab a little something for yourself as well.

Thinking back to childhood, there wasn’t a better Easter gift than getting one of those large chocolate bunnies to bite into (but feeling a little bad about taking off an ear!), or grabbing a handful of colorful jellybeans or mini chocolate eggs. Luckily, we have a large assortment of goodies to choose from to upgrade your Easter baskets or Passover treats, or to put out as place settings for the family.

For the classic chocolate lovers, we have a large selection. Some of our favorites include homemade hollow eggs and baskets, made with milk or dark chocolate and filled with jelly beans and even more chocolate, in the form of foiled eggs. Because these are hollow, we don’t want them to break during shipping, so they are only available for pick up in store. If you’re a little far from the store but are still craving some of the shops sweets, we have milk or dark chocolate marshmallow eggs, or Easter-themed lollipops created in milk, dark, or white chocolate. Another stand out is our filled Easter eggs, in your choice of chewy coconut or creamy peanut butter. We also have the quintessential Easter treat – peeps! Ours are dipped in either white, dark, or milk chocolate and come in rows of five.

For Passover treats, we have something special. Our Passover lollipops, are circular and come in milk chocolate, with the saying “Happy Passover” on each. We also have classic Jelly Beans, which are assorted fruit flavored, fat and gluten-free, Kosher, and come in 1lb bags and 1/2lb bags. The perfect little treat to leave around on tables, or to hand out to the kids after dinner! No matter what holiday you may celebrate, we wish you a happy and healthy one, from our family to yours!