Announcing Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe App!

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homemade chocolate in njWe are so excited to announce that we now have an App for both Apple & Android so that you can have access to Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe right from your mobile device. There are so many benefits to downloading our App, from customer loyalty rewards to special App discounts, and shopping our customer favorites. In addition to coupons and loyalty discounts, we also have links to our videos and social media so you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, even if you don’t have your own profile! You can also access reviews of Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe on Yelp from our App.

Through our App notifications you will be informed of new products, coupons, and specials. So downloading Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe App is a great way to stay up to date, and get your favorite chocolate treats, like our hand dipped chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries, or our homemade fudge and truffles. Download our App today and receive a special discount on your next purchase!

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Do You Have Your Corporate Goals for 2016?

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corporate goals 2016In the famous words of Lewis Carroll, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” These words ring true for businesses; however, more so at the start of a new year. Countless business owners make New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of every year only to find that after the first week those resolutions have long since been forgotten.   When making a resolution we always have the best of intentions to stick with it, to see it through to the end and improve professionally as well as personally and make our overall situation better throughout the year.   Good intentions, right?  Well you know what they say about good intentions…

We have a suggestion that’s a little different for 2016.  Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, why not make a list of where you were last year, both the good and the bad, then list your GOALS for the New Year based on where you have been and what you would like to accomplish.  It’s much easier to be flexible with this strategy and make the changes necessary to meet your goals because it’s a more positive mental picture than denying yourself something in a resolution (and we all know that our resolutions are always about the negative).

When I first started Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe 17 years ago I wasn’t consciously aware that I was doing it, but at the end of my first full year I reviewed what I had accomplished, what my difficulties were and what my goals for the following year would be.  At the end of my second year I reviewed what my goals had been for the year and realized that 90% of what I put in writing as a goal for the year was actually accomplished!  I was completely amazed by this discovery, as I sure wasn’t focused on it every day, week or month. I wasn’t referring to the list of goals throughout the year; however, just by virtue of committing to it in writing, I seemed to have been able to accomplish much of the list that year.  What a great feeling!

So, needless to say, instead of making any New Year’s Resolutions I put together a new list of goals for each year.  Now, what does this have to do with marketing, sales or anything chocolate related?  By experiencing this phenomenon myself I wanted to suggest that having written goals for the year, whether they are personal, or business goals can be an effective tool in your arsenal for success.   Identifying your goals for the year will give you more focus and provide a road map to the things that you want to accomplish.

For instance, if your goal is to increase your sales next year, give yourself a specific plan of action and list the things you will do to accomplish this goal.  Follow that list and you will be surprised at the end results.  Your marketing goals for the year should be identified in the same way and through very targeted and specific programs, such as employee recognition and client retention plans, you will be able to follow through and feel accomplished at the end of the year.

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe can be an integral part of your overall sales and marketing goals, for client retention, new business development and employee rewards.  Our specialized gift baskets, custom branded logo products and delivery services can make your company stand out from the competition.  For more information on our corporate services and how you can utilize our products and branding techniques to help increase your business in the coming year, please click here.

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Special Holiday Gifts for Special Helpers

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holiday gift givingDecember is all about the holidays and gift giving, so we thought it would be great to help you out with ideas for some of the people that you may have forgotten to put on your gift list.  With life as busy as it is we know you need all the help you can get to make gift giving easy.  We suggest that you check your list and check it twice to be sure that you have not overlooked some of the people who make your life a bit easier throughout the year.  Here is our list of top service providers you may want to recognize this holiday season:

  • Teachers
  • Dog Walker
  • Religious education staff
  • Hair stylist/salon services
  • Letter carrier
  • Tutor
  • Sports coaches
  • Babysitter
  • Paper delivery person
  • Concierge
  • Personal trainer

Now that you have them on your list, the challenge is what kind of gift to buy them.  There are many choices you can make, but few of them are pleasing to everyone the way that chocolate and candy is.  You can create custom gift baskets or go for pre-boxed or packaged gifts that fit any price range for gift giving.  With so many choices, flavors and forms of chocolate and candy you won’t have to worry about whether or not they will like it.  Some of our favorites for holiday gifts that say thank you for all you do are fudge by the pound, assorted chocolate lollipops, prepackaged gift baskets, beautifully boxed ribbon candy and 1 pound (or more) boxes of assorted chocolates.  The beauty of chocolate gifts is that you can buy extra for that unexpected guest that always seems to be at the holiday celebrations.

For one stop shopping, be sure to visit award winning Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, where all of the candy is homemade and renowned for its distinct smoothness.  Click here for more information on the candy at Suzi’s or stop by today.

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Corporate and Chocolate – Perfect Together!

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corporate branding and gift givingThere are several events and reasons why chocolate fits perfectly into the corporate mold (pun intended!) and for many human resource representatives, managers and small business owners the trend in chocolate and candy for corporate functions is increasing on many levels.  We’ve been providing our corporate clients with a variety of different ideas and uses for chocolate to enhance their business outreach and now we’re sharing with you our client’s favorites!

1)            Corporate award programs and gift giving are a great way to garner some team spirit and create motivation in your employees, or even thank your customers. Give them something they will definitely appreciate – corporate chocolate bars! We can make the bars with your logo and even custom design the wrappings with your corporate event date and title.

2)            Customer appreciate parties are another great way to keep your brand in front of your clients and when you combine that with a delicious, chocolate treat take home gifts your customers will feel completely appreciated!

3)            Participating in association or chamber events that may offer gift basket auctions is another corporate favorite.  We have provided many corporate branded gift baskets, which were then donated to an organization for an auction.  When the winner of the basket opens it – they are delighted to find the wonderful array of chocolates and our clients know that their brand is represented well after the event is over.

4)            Tradeshows continue throughout the year and it’s always difficult to stand out from the competition, whose booth may be in close proximity to yours.  Be sure to gather the crowds at your booth by offering custom corporate logo lollipops and you will blow away your competition while gathering the leads you need for a successful trade show.

5)            Corporate meetings, picnics, and BBQs can be challenging for those that are in charge of planning these events. The difficulty lies in melding the atmosphere of the event while maintaining a certain corporate structure that tends to be difficult when everyone is outside of their normal work day.  For some of our corporate clients this is a perfect time to show the fun side of their corporate brand with some favors and platters that include corporate logo branding lollipops with chocolate and molds. Dessert platters with hand-dipped fruits and pretzels are a favorite and employees feel the team spirit immediately.

These are just a few of the ways Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has been helping local companies with their branding and outreach efforts.  If your company is planning an event and needs help with the favors, gifts or giveaways, be sure to contact us today.

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Giving Back to Our Community is What We Do at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe

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homemade chocolate middletown nj

Suzi's Sweet Shoppe at the Autism Speaks Chef's Soiree

Giving back to the community is an important part of being in business, and this year was full of events for a variety of different non-profit groups. These events not only gave us the opportunity to support the important work these charities do, but we also got to meet the attendees, provide samples of our chocolates, and be a part of the community. In addition to participating, we also reached out to our fan base via social media and let them know about these events in advance and urged them to buy tickets and attend. It’s always amazing when we see our customers at one of these events, and it reminds us of the good we can all do for our local community.

One of our favorite yearly fundraisers is for the Ronald McDonald House.  Their Annual Wine Tasting, which was held this past September at the Trump National Golf Club in Colts Neck, benefits children being treated for serious illnesses and their families, who are staying at the Ronald McDonald Houses in Long Branch and New Brunswick.  This organization provides a “home away from home” for thousands of families, while their children are being treated at nearby medical facilities.  We know that our small contribution of participating in their fundraising event makes a difference to those families who benefit from these facilities.

Another great event we participated in this year, the Bayshore Community Hospital’s Annual Wine & Spirits event, took place earlier in September. It was a wonderful opportunity for attendees to sample amazing food, wine, beers, hors d’oeuvres, and chocolate while benefitting the hospital’s foundation, whose mission is to provide the community with meaningful programs and services to improve the health and well being of the people they serve. From creating and maintaining new services and facilities, to advanced medical treatments and technologies, supporters of the foundation are integral to helping provide the best medical care in the region.

One other non-profit organization Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe supports, Autism Speaks, had their fundraiser in early October.  The New Jersey chapter of Autism Speaks held their Chef’s Soiree, at the Trump National Golf Course in Colts Neck and Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe was there.  This organization is dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for autism.  In addition, they are focused on increasing awareness and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

In addition to non-profit participation, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe keeps up with the business organizations throughout the county.  The retail chocolate store was recently voted the Best in Monmouth chocolate for the six year in a row! They celebrated all the winners at Best of Monmouth Party & Expo, held on October 15th at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park.  The event highlights the winners of the Best of Monmouth in a variety of categories and attendees can sample products and services of all the winners at the event.

It’s hard to choose from among the many worthy organizations in our area, but giving back to the community through fundraising events is a priority for Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe. For more information about Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe visit their website at or stop in anytime at the store in Middletown to select from a variety of homemade chocolates, hand dipped treats, caramel apples and fudge.  They also provide customized gift baskets for all occasions and corporate gift giving.

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Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe’s Corporate Holiday Gift Giving Guide

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corporate holiday gifts The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity for companies to take corporate branding to the next level.  Using gifts to show your customers how much you appreciate their business helps promote your brand, but can also be an effective tool for customer retention, as well as new business development.

Now is the time of year when business owners and managers must start planning on the best holiday gifts for their customers and clients.  Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe would like to help with some ideas and inspiration for planning the perfect corporate holiday gifts with our Corporate Holiday Gift Giving Guide.

A Basket of Cheer Will Be Much Appreciated

When it comes to corporate holiday giving, a beautiful gift basket of chocolate and candy can provide your customer’s office with much needed good cheer during the holidays.  Custom corporate branded gift baskets are a number one choice when sending gifts to clients.  By adding your company logo it will help your gift stand out from the competition.  We recommend combining different selections, like fudge, peppermint bark and assorted chocolates so that your gift has variety.  Gift baskets are perfect for individual or office gifts.

A Box or Two Will Do

Stacked boxes of assorted chocolates provide for a variety of flavors, fillings and chocolates and can be the perfect gift for large offices or individuals.  You can select any size box or candy weight that is appropriate and your custom logo can go outside, or on a chocolate bar inside!  Your client’s staff will love the delicious assortment of chocolate and will be reminded of you and your company every time they open the box to enjoy another piece.

Attending a Client Holiday Party?

Don’t just bring a bottle of wine.  Bring a bottle of wine or champagne dipped in chocolate and you will no doubt have the best client gift at the party!  By combining two great gifts into a uniquely memorable one, your creativity will shine throughout the holiday season.

Not Your Typical Business Card

Instead of handing out your business card at your customer’s holiday party, bring along some custom chocolate business cards or bars of chocolate with your corporate logo on the wrapper.  This is a fun way to add to the branding of your company while gift giving.   These can be handed out individually or added to a custom gift basket for an overall branded holiday gift.

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe makes corporate gift giving easy.  All of our chocolates are homemade in our store and we personally create each and every gift basket to order.  It’s important to place your order early for custom branded gifts so that they will be ready before the holidays and shipping is available for all your out-of-area clients.  Don’t forget we can do platters and favors for your corporate holiday party too.  Stop by the store or call us at 732-796-0115 today for more information on how we can help make your corporate holiday gift giving easier this year or click here for more information on our corporate gift services.

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How to Pair the Right Wine with your Chocolate

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how to pair wine with chocolateBelieve it or not wine and chocolate have a few things in common, which makes them perfect partners for an unforgettable culinary experience.  Both cocoa beans and wine are fermented with the same type of yeast, which is what makes both of them loved by just about everyone.  But, even though they seem to be a perfect match, the flavors and textures can fight each other if you are not combining the right chocolate and wine.  Here is a helpful guide on how to pair the right wine with your chocolate.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Hand-dipped strawberries can be super romantic when paired with the right wine.  We have found that they work very well with a sweet sparkling rosé such as Brachetto d’Acqui.  Nothing is sexier than a romantic evening, some hand-dipped chocolate strawberries, a glass of wine, and your honey to go along with it!

Dark Chocolate

If you can’t seem to get enough of our dark chocolate truffles and are looking for the perfect wine, we recommend a Pinot Noir/Malbec.  The ripe juicy berry flavor and velvety texture of the wine is the perfect complement to the ganache filled dark chocolate.  Other wines that pair well with dark chocolate are Vin Santo, Port, Late Harvest Zinfandel, Banyuls, Maury and Chinato.

White Chocolate

Even though white chocolate technically is not “chocolate” because it does not have cocoa in it (just cocoa fat), it pairs well with many different wines.  Moscatao is a wonderful match for white chocolate because it creates a balance with the fleshy fruit notes that carry through the wine.  Other wines that work with white chocolate are Rose Port, Ice Wine, Muscat, Orange Muscat, Moscato d’Asti, Sweet Tokaji, Vintage Port, Lambrusco (Dolce or Amabile), and Brachetto d’Acqui.  See what we mean – very versatile!

Milk Chocolate

For those of you who like a traditional milk chocolate we have some great wine pairings to recommend.  Moscatel de Setubal, Montilla-Moriles, PX Sherry, Creamy Sherry, Rasteau, Aged Vintage Port, or Rutherglen Muscat all work very nicely with milk chocolate.  If you are having milk chocolate truffles, a sparkling or bubbly wine with honeyed citrus, peaches, or apricot flavors are perfect choices.  Milk chocolate with caramel pairs beautifully with a Cabernet Sauvignon, which can be quite decadent!

No matter your taste in chocolate or wine, we’re sure there is a pairing you will love.  Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe makes all of our chocolate homemade, in-house.  With choices of all types and fillings to choose from you will find the perfect chocolate for your perfect bottle of wine.  In addition to our truffles, chocolates, and fudge, our hand-dipped chocolate strawberries and pretzels are perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine!  From gift baskets to holiday treats, and party favors Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe makes the perfect chocolate treats for any occasion or event.  Contact us today, stop by the shoppe, or visit our website for more information or to place your order today.

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Conventions & Learning is a Business Must Even for Chocolatiers

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gift baskets in monmouth countyWhen it comes to staying ahead of your competition, every business owner knows that continuing your industry education and keeping fresh, new ideas and products are critical.  Attending different seminars, continuing education courses, and other industry events help keep customers happy, and sometimes surprised!  This summer we attended the National Gift Basket Convention in Ohio, the Las Vegas Gift Basket Convention, and the chocolate convention in Philadelphia.  By attending industry conventions and trade shows throughout the year, we keep raising the bar for chocolate and gift baskets, which equates to very happy customers!

Participating in certification courses that are available at these industry conventions gives us the ability to bring some new basket and chocolate designs back for the holidays, along with new decorating and packaging ideas. Because of our continuing education, our corporate clients know that their employee and client gifts will be unique each and every year. For our retail customers who are looking to send family or friends a holiday treat, new gift basket designs are sure to please! Certifications and designations are a great way to show your customers that you are a committed, knowledgeable professional in your field.

We’re always able to surprise and delight our customers with new chocolate designs and flavor combinations, which can also be inspired by visiting other chocolatiers around the country.  Because we always have new products, our customers always have a reason to keep coming back!  As a matter of fact, many of Suzi’s customers are creative and ask for new products.  We take all those suggestions and experiment with flavors and add-ins until we get the perfect combinations.  By listening to our customers, we can provide new products they are looking for.

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has dedicated a lot of time and effort to continuing education and business development strategies in order to retain existing customers and attract new ones.  If you are a business owner and are not sure why your sales are down, or you aren’t gaining the customer base that you would expect, we highly recommend you explore some continuing education classes within your industry so that you can provide your customers with the products and services they need and want.  For more information on corporate gift baskets, holiday gifts or our new varieties of chocolates and fudge, please contact Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe today or visit our website.

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Sweet Corporate Branding

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In today’s market, businesses come and go; that is why it is so important for clients to remember who you are and to stay relevant.  People, in most instances, don’t remember the funny joke you told at the networking event.  People remember tangibility; things they can touch, taste, see, and smell.  Around the holidays, companies don’t call you up and wish you a happy holiday.  They send you a gift basket, chocolate, or wine/liquor.  Whenever you go to open the gift, you will be reminded as to who gave it to you.  Handing out personalized goodies at events or in your holiday gifts is a great way to avoid being forgotten and will spice up your marketing routine.

Specializing in providing companies with corporate gifts for all occasions, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has a variety of Corporate Gifts that will help keep your business on the radar. Some Corporate Gifts that you can choose from are Chocolate Business Cards, Corporate Baskets, Chocolate Candy Bars with your logo on the wrapper, Tins, and so much more.   All of these delicious Corporate Gifts are completely customizable and can be tailored to your name, company, or logo and are great for holidays, thank-you gifts, congratulations, birthdays, anniversaries, and tradeshow giveaways and favors.

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe’s corporate gifts will help your company stand out from the rest of the competition.  If you order from Suzi’s, you can expect volume discounts, nationwide shipping, monthly specials, and easy and hassle free ordering.  Don’t let the competition get ahead.  Order your personalized Corporate Gifts today and see why a little sweetness goes a long way!

Our Corporate Video gives more insight into corporate branding and Corporate Gifts and how they can help boost your company’s business in a delicious way!!  Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe would like to give a special thank you to Jeffrey S. Gould from Action Media Productions for helping us produce our Corporate Video.

For more information about Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, visit us at, send Suzi an e-mail at or give us a call at 732-796-0115.  Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is located at 1100 Highway 35, Middletown, NJ 07748.

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Make Your Memorial Day Sweet

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The weather is heating up and that means it is almost time for summer! Finally! Hot days, cool nights, afternoons at the beach, sand between our toes and memories made with family and friends.   Memorial Day is the official kick off of summer! Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of BBQ season!  So while you’re making the dogs and burgers on the grill, why don’t you think about ordering something delicious for dessert from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe. With a variety of patriotic chocolates and favors, how could you possibly go wrong?  We have Flag Pops, Chocolate Hat Pops and Patriotic Pretzel Rods.  If you’re attending a BBQ, how about giving the host a Basket of Patriotic Pretzels or a tray of our delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  These tasty treats will add some fun and flavor to your annual BBQ!

As much as we at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe love a good BBQ, it is important to remember that Memorial Day is not just a three day weekend.  For many, the holiday holds a closer meaning.  American soldiers have sacrificed so much to preserve the freedom that we as Americans have. So while you’re eating your sweet treats from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, please take a moment to remember the soldiers who valiantly fought to protect the United States of America.

For more information about Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, visit us at, send Suzi an e-mail at or give us a call at 732-796-0115.  Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is located at 1100 Highway 35, Middletown, NJ 07748.

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