Memorial Day Treats

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hand dipped chocolate strawberriesMemorial Day is just around the corner! Meaning so are all those barbeques. It is fun time with family and friends, and it’s the start of summer. And whether you’re hosting or attending, it is always a good idea to think about dessert!

Everyone loves a good dessert, especially at a party. So when thinking about what you want to serve to your Memorial Day guests or bring to the party, look no further than one of Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe’s platters. We make all of our chocolate in house, using the freshest ingredients, to make sure that your chocolate experience is the best it can be. And for parties we have a variety of baskets and platters that are sure to tantalize everyone’s sweet tooth.

Our chocolate covered pretzels come in both a platter and basket, and feature both dark and milk chocolate. You can also order either with all milk chocolate or all dark chocolate, whatever suites your chocolate craving! The pretzels are hand dipped in our homemade chocolate and then coated in a variety of toppings, from M&M’s to sprinkles. We even leave a few plain, that way there is something for everyone!

If you are looking for something with just chocolate, look no further than our Round Willow Bowl. It features a variety of milk and dark chocolates with different fillings and toppings. From sweet, delicious caramel, to fruit fillings, it has it all. It’s our version of the box of chocolates. Best part all of this is gluten free.

Maybe you want a little of everything? Then the Jennifer Platter is for you. Named after one of our customers, the Jennifer Platter has some of everything. This platter also features one of our customer favorites, chocolate covered Oreos! Trust us when we say, the slogan shouldn’t be “Milk’s favorite cookie”, but rather “chocolates favorite cookie”, because there is nothing better than a chocolate covered Oreo. So from chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos, to caramel filled little morsels this 18 inch platter has something for everyone!

These are just some of our customer favorite treats for parties and barbeques, so if you are looking for more options, or to order one of these amazing party-sized treats, go online or stop into the store today!

It’s Strawberry Season!

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chocolate covered strawberriesEach year at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe we celebrate summer in more ways than one. And this month it’s with strawberries! These little delicious red morsels epitomize summer! Strawberries are at the height of their freshness, and as many people know, it is the best time to go strawberry picking! Which is why May 20th is also National Pick Strawberries Day! Because of this, we want to celebrate these amazing little fruits, and summer, with our annual Strawberry Day Celebration!

No one is quite sure when the first National Pick Strawberries Day happened, or why it became a national day, but nevertheless it is a great way to get into the spirit of summer, because strawberries are the best picked between late April to the beginning of September, depending on where you live, meaning strawberries are the fruit of the summer. In fact, strawberries have been a favorite for dessert since the 1700’s when they were first brought to Europe from Chile and eastern North America, where they grew naturally. From there, people in Brittany, France, began planting strawberries for their sweetness and as a luxury food. Today, strawberries are still associated with luxury and all things decadent, some even think chocolate covered strawberries to be an aphrodisiac! Talk about a powerful fruit.

To celebrate the start of summer, and of course, the strawberry, we are having a special sale on our chocolate covered strawberries! Buy 12 chocolate covered strawberries and get 6 free! That’s right 18 of our homemade, and always fresh, never frozen, chocolate covered strawberries. Think of it as our way of showing just how excited we are for summer. Each of our chocolate covered strawberries starts with the freshest of fruit that is lovingly hand dipped in our homemade chocolate. We offer our strawberries in milk, dark, and white chocolate, so there is something for everyone! We even make an assortment of Fancy Chocolate Covered Strawberries, which not only have beautiful strawberries, cloaked in chocolate, but also a topping of either M&M’s, toffee, cookie crunch, white drizzle, peanut brittle crunch, holiday sprinkles, or mini Reese’s. These fancy little bites are like an ice cream Sunday without the ice cream, and melt in your mouth. But we all know the biggest secret of our chocolate covered strawberries isn’t the toppings. It’s the strawberries themselves! Which is why we want to celebrate the sweet little treat, so stop by and celebrate with us with your very own chocolate covered strawberries on Saturday, May 20th! And remember if you buy 12 you get 6 free!

If you want to have a little sweetness in your life, and celebrate Strawberry Day with us, all you have to do is shop online and make sure to choose the Special Box of 18 under size(s), or call the store at 732-796-0115, to place an order*. And we will make sure to have your strawberries ready, in store, for you to pick up on May 20th!

*Offer is only valid on 5/20, Strawberry Day. All strawberries must be picked up in store.

Summer Lovin’

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summer events at the jersey shoreSummer is just around the corner! Can you believe it? We at Suzi’s can’t, because we honestly thought winter was going to last forever! Thank goodness the cold is behind us, and we are moving into one of the best times to live at the Jersey Shore, summer! There are so many great activities at the shore, especially around Memorial Day, and the 4th of July. With plenty of town events, and of course the beach and Point Pleasant, summer can’t come fast enough!

If you are looking for something fun to do over Memorial Day Weekend, why not look into if your town is having a parade? Many of the local towns, like Little Silver, have an annual Memorial Day Parade. It’s fun for the kids, and it’s a great way to remember all those who’ve served. Another great way to spend the holiday weekend is at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. There are so many activities to do in this one Point Pleasant location. There’s the beach, boardwalk games, an aquarium, and even rides! It is fun for the whole family, so check it out!

Now, the Fourth of July is another big holiday here at the Jersey Shore, and there are tons of ways to celebrate. Oceanfest, the annual Long Brach boardwalk fair, host vendors and exhibits, live entertainment, and of course fireworks! It is one of the best places to spend the fourth of July, and to get some great Jersey grub. Of course, Oceanfest isn’t the only place to see some fireworks on the 4th. Check your local calenders and the new papers, because there are typically a few town hosting large fireworks displays that are fun for the whole family.

Of course, a lot of families celebrate both Memorial Day and the Fourth of July with backyard barbeques! These are great ways to get together with family and friends and celebrate all that is summer. And what a better way to celebrate than with some patriotic chocolate? We have our decadent homemade chocolate all set for your Memorial Day and Fourth of July barbeques. With patriotic pretzel rods, and chocolate American flags or Uncle Sam’s hat lollipops, we have it all! And of course, they are all decorated in red, white and blue. We can customize your order for just about any event, just give us a call at 732-796-0115. You can check out all of these treats and more online or in store.

Administrative Professionals Day

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Administrative Professionals Day Gift BasketAdministrative Professionals Day is meant to recognize all of the hard work put in throughout the year by employees, professionals, and business owners alike. It began in World War II as a way to recognize all of the contributions to the war effort that the administrative personnel made. It was also meant to increase the amount of administrative professionals in the workforce and help stimulate the wartime economy. It wasn’t until 1952 that Administrative Professionals day became more about celebrating those in the workforce than drumming up more professionals, and it is this celebration that we think of today. Now, Administrative Professionals Day is an internationally recognized holiday, celebrated across the globe.

This year, Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday, April 26th, and there are a lot of ways you can show the professionals in your life that you appreciate their business and hard work. Or you can use the day as an opportunity to grow your business. How you ask? Well, we at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe are firm believers in the idea that chocolate is the way to anyone’s heart, and it is a great way to make a lasting impression.

If you are looking for the perfect thing to bring into the office as a thank you to all of your employees, look no further than one of our delicious and decadent gift baskets or platters. We have a variety of baskets that are stuffed to the brim with our sweet treats, like chocolate covered pretzel rods and chocolate covered chips, for those sweet and salty lovers. Or maybe you prefer marshmallow pops and chocolate dipped licorice, there is something for everyone in our baskets!

The platters also come in several different varieties. We have chocolate covered pretzels, each pretzel is hand dipped in our homemade chocolate to perfection, and garnished with some extra sweetness, like M&M’s. Or maybe you prefer one of our signature treats? May we suggest the Daddy’s Favorite basket? These perfectly proportioned treats are our take on the classic mallomar.  First we start with a vanilla cookie, then it is topped with marshmallow fluff and covered in chocolate. We also offer versions that are topped in marshmallow fluff, caramel, and coconut, which make this sweet traditional Jersey treat out of this world!

If you are looking for something to send out to your clients, why not send a chocolate business card? We at Suzi’s take the idea of a business card a little differently than most places, because we make them delicious! The “card” still has all of the essential details for your business, and it is a memorable treat. If you are looking for something with a little more variety, we also customize gifts baskets. This comes with: custom candy wrappers, any promotional items you have, and all of your contact information. It is a great way to tell your clients that you appreciate their business, while still being business savvy.

So remember, April 26th is Administrative Professionals Day, and it is a great day to show your employees and clients just how much you care. Let us at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe help make your day a success. You can order online or in store today!

Coffee and Chocolate Forever

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Wine and cheese, pizza and beer, chips and dip. What are we getting at here? These are some really popular food pairings that people LOVE! And just like these pairings, chocolate and coffee are best friends forever. These two things go together like peanut butter and jelly, and make for a really great party idea. Just like a wine and cheese tasting party, you can host a chocolate and coffee tasting party. So, without further ado here are some of the most popular chocolate and coffee pairings.

The Sweet Tooth Combo. If you have a major sweet tooth, like we do, then you are going to love the combination of a mocha coffee with a peanut butter cup or fudge. Might we suggest peanut butter fudge or caramel coconut delight? A mocha is chocolate flavored coffee after all, so this combination of sweet coffee with sweet and rich chocolate is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Another pairing that you could do with a mocha is the sweet and salty. Try a mocha with a chocolate covered pretzel for the perfect combo.

The Light and Sweet. If you prefer your coffee to have a lighter, milder flavor, like a light roast or breakfast blend, try pairing it with a more intense chocolate, like a truffle. Truffles are decadent balls of chocolate filled with all different types of flavors. For a truly amazing pairing try a light roast coffee with an Irish cream truffle. Or if you are looking for a different take on this, try a light roast coffee with one of our Daddy’s Favorite treats. These vanilla wafers topped with marshmallow fluff and coated in chocolate are a great addition to any cup of Joe.

The Nutty and smooth. Cappuccinos are a milky coffee that enhances the flavor of the beans, while making the coffee creamier, so we recommend pairing it with a more complex chocolate treat, such milk chocolate toffee bark or nut bark. The combination of the nuts and the coffee creates a surprisingly classic flavor, think Almond Joy.

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has everything you need to create these wonderful and classic chocolate and coffee pairings. So stop in for recommendations, or to try something sweet today! You can also shop online at our website.

Hop on Into Spring With Some Sweetness

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Easter candy spring holidaysIt already seems like the winter holidays were forever ago! But never fear there are a whole bunch of spring holidays coming up. Like Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter. With so many fun things just around the corner you’re probably already thinking about Easter Baskets, gifts for the kids or grandkids, and even plates of desserts to put out for guests. Never fear! Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is here to help you out!

Mardi Gras began in medieval Europe during the 1600s and the 1700s in France. The tradition was then known as the “the fat calf” and celebrated a massive feast and parade before the start of Lent. This tradition came to the United States after France colonized Louisiana, which is how the New Orleans Mardi Gras festivities of today began. Fast forward to 2017 and the tradition of eating a ton of food and partying hard before Lent is still going strong. And what better way to celebrate the Mardi Gras season than with some delicious chocolate platters from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe? We have everything you need to throw a Mardi Gras feast! From chocolate covered pretzels to awesome chocolate Mardi Gras masks, which make great party favors.

St. Patrick’s Day is the other festive holiday coming up, and there are sure to be some serious parties around this rather green day. The holiday celebrates the life of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, who famously drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Today, St. Patrick’s Day is less of a religious feast in honor of the saint, and more of a celebration of Irish culture around the world. Irish potatoes are a must at any St. Paddy’s day party, especially when they have such sweet coconut cream inside! And what St. Patrick’s Day feast would be complete without chocolate leprechaun lollipops? Our answer: none!

After Mardi Gras & St. Patrick’s Day, we’re all about Easter. And, when it comes to Easter, there is one important thing that every parent knows all about, Easter baskets! There is nothing better as a kid than waking up to a basket full of awesome candies and chocolates. Even moms and dads have some fun on Easter, too! Chocolate bunnies are a must, and Suzi’s has a wide variety of sizes and chocolates. All our chocolate is homemade in the store, making it oh so rich and creamy. Looking for something a little different this year? Try a chocolate Easter basket or a chocolate Easter Egg, filled with foil wrapped chocolates. That’s right, a hollow basket made of chocolate! What kid wouldn’t want to eat the basket, too? And if chocolate isn’t your thing, you can also go the candy route. Jellybeans are traditional and awesome and come in assorted fruit flavors.

You can find all these sweet treats and more at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe in Middletown! Can’t make it into the store? No worries! You can always shop online here for your sweet, hand dipped, homemade treats! We take online orders for any of these holidays and will have your selections ready for pick up on the day of your choice. Shopping for Spring holidays cannot be any easier. For more information, or to place an order, visit our website, give us a call, or stop by our shoppe.

Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner!!!

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valentine's day candy in middletown njThe holiday season isn’t over yet, in fact a certain day celebrating love is just around the corner! It’s a great time to show the people in your life how much you care about them. Which is what Valentine’s Day is all about! But how did Valentine’s Day become a holiday celebrating love? And when did Valentine’s Day start?

Valentine’s Day actually started with the Romans as a fertility festival, Lupracalia. Lupracalia occurred on February 13th and isn’t the traditional Valentine’s Day that we think of, but rather one that celebrated couples coming together and eventually getting married. Overtime, this tradition changed with the influence of Christianity and different Saint Valentine’s contributing to the story of what we know to be Valentine’s Day. The Valentines all have a few things in common: they were all Christians who lived during the Roman period when Christians were being persecuted, and they were all martyred. One of these St. Valentine’s was actually imprisoned when he supposedly fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. The woman would come and take care of him each day and overtime they fell in love. It is this Valentine that may have coined the term “From Your Valentine”. This is because it is believed that this particular Valentine wrote a letter to the young woman signed “From Your Valentine.” Making his letter technically the first Valentine in history.

The Valentine’s Day we know and love sure has changed a lot over the years! But one thing is for sure: it is a fun holiday meant to show just how much you appreciate the people in your life. In fact, Valentine’s Day is the second biggest holiday in which people send out cards! But you know what else people give out on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate! Chocolate actually wasn’t apart of Valentine’s Day celebrations until the 1840s. This is when Richard Cadbury marketed his new chocolate recipe to the masses. Chocolate had already been popularized, but was found to be too bitter by the public, and so Cadbury’s recipe promised to be sweeter and less bitter. So what’s with Valentine’s Day? Well, Cadbury centered his marketing campaign around the holiday and ever since then chocolate and Valentine’s Day have gone together with modern day chocolates and candies shaped like hearts.

And what better place to get your chocolate than locally, at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe? Our chocolate is all homemade and orders can be customized just for the loves of your life! We offer sugar free chocolate and we even have gluten free options! And just for Valentine’s Day have a variety of sweet treats that are great for that special someone in your life, the kids, and even just to spread the Valentine’s Day cheer. Choose from all assorted chocolates in heart boxes or pick up some chocolate covered pretzels, one of our customer favorites. Suzi’s has it all, from the large chocolate heart shaped pops, which make great class gifts, to novelties like our chocolate teddy bear and even a chocolate love boat! We are currently taking orders for our chocolate covered strawberries online, and you can pick them up at the shoppe right before Valentine’s Day. Shop our Valentine’s Day products online from the comfort of your home, or stop by and our shoppe in Middletown. And have a happy Valentine’s Day!!!

New Year’s Resolution to Get Healthier? Studies Say You CAN Include Chocolate!

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health benefits of chocolateThere is one treat that everyone loves, but you were always told not to eat too much of: chocolate. But fear no more! Because it’s been proven that there are actually several health benefits to eating chocolate. And we aren’t just talking about dark chocolate here. Nope. We mean all types of the rich, decedent, creamy, treat. Of course, as always these benefits are in moderation, and as with any food, too much is never a good thing. BUT there are some seriously good reasons to eat just a bit of chocolate every now and then.

First, chocolate can lower your chances of heart disease and stroke. According to a recent study done by the University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry in Scotland, 100 grams of chocolate, which is about two bags of M&M’s or two chocolate bars, a day can lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. The study was reported on by the Huffington Post, and concluded that people who ate chocolate regularly were 11% less likely to develop heart disease, and 23% less likely to suffer a stroke. So break out the nightly chocolate and glass of red wine, because science says they’re healthy.

Next, we found that chocolate can lower blood pressure. Chocolate contains flavonols, which are naturally occurring compounds within chocolate. These have been suggested by some studies, such as the one noted above by the University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry, to affect blood by making platelets less sticky and improving blood flow to the brain. This means that blood can circulate better and ultimately affect blood pressure as well. There are less flavonols in milk chocolate than in dark chocolate, but the benefits are still there.

Research also show that chocolate can slow signs of ageing. According to studies done by Cornell University in New York, chocolate can reduce signs of ageing. This is due to one of the antioxidants that is naturally occurring in chocolate, epicatechin. This actually affects the brain and has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia. Other antioxidants also reduce the risk of arthritis and can ease the pain of arthritis.

Did you know chocolate can help fight the common cold? Antioxidants, got to love those little guys, in chocolate can fight the common cold, or at least help. Phenolics, was found to help ease symptoms of the common cold and help boost the immune system. Between this, and chocolates ability to help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, what more could you need?

In moderation, chocolate is can be healthy and provide some serious benefits, so it’s okay to indulge once in a while! So, if you want to reap the benefits, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe can help! We make all our chocolate home-made, so everything is fresh. And we can make custom orders of dark, milk, or white with all your favorite combinations, like chocolate covered pretzels, hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries, or assorted chocolates with nuts and fillings. Visit us online for all your chocolate needs, or you can stop by our shoppe in Middletown! After all, it’s good for your health!

Corporate New Year’s Goals

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Corporate branding chocolate business cards and client giftsWith New Year’s Eve just around the corner you’re probably thinking about your New Year’s Resolution. Maybe you have decided that this is the year you get that hard-earned and well-deserved promotion, or maybe you just want to spend more time with your kids. Whatever your personal New Year’s Resolution is, we are sure that it’s fantastic! But can you use the New Year’s Resolution for business? Absolutely! It just works a little differently than a personal goal.

The first step in your New Year’s Business Plan should be to define your goals. Sit down with your employees, business partners and critically think about different things you want to achieve or to improve in your business. It could be that your employees have noticed things like customers really want to be able to order your product online, or have an online chat for help on your website. The point is your employees interact with customers on a daily basis, so they know what they want. Or perhaps your goals are to increase profits by 15%, whatever your goal is, make sure it is clear and well defined and that everyone involved in your business is on the same page.

Next, put in place a plan. It is great that you want to make customer care a priority for the year, or to raise your revenue, but how are you going to do this? You need a game plan. Again, take a minute to discuss this with the people involved in your business. Maybe the answer to raising profits is offering more online promotions, or creating a rewards club for loyal customers to encourage purchases. It could be that there is no one way of achieving your business goal, but multiple ways that will work together. By getting everyone involved in the planning process, you are sure to get tons of ideas on just how to achieve your yearly goal.

Once your plan is in place and happening, make sure to review it. Ask your employees and business partners what’s working and what isn’t, because the more you perfect your plan, the easier it will be to accomplish your business goals. You might have to fine tune your plan depending on how it is working so far. Or you may find that your system is working perfectly, either way it is still important to review any changes you make to your business and measure their effectiveness.

Sometimes that answer to your business New Year’s goal is marketing. So let Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe help with your overall sales and marketing goals, for client retention, new business development and employee rewards.  Our customized gift baskets, corporate branded logo products and delivery services can make your company stand out from the competition.  For more information on our corporate services and how you can utilize our products and branding services to help increase your business in the coming year, please click here.

Get Your Stocking Stuffers!!!

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christmas gifts and stocking stuffers“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there.” This iconic line from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is known to thousands world-wide, but why exactly do we hang up stockings on Christmas Eve?

Legend has it that this Christmas tradition comes from the original St. Nick himself, Saint Nicholas of Myar. In life, St. Nick was the Bishop of a small community, Myar, and he felt it was his duty to give to the poor and to help the people of his community in any way possible. So, when a poor farmer was afraid he would not have enough money to marry off one of his daughters (back in those days there was a dowry) St. Nicholas stepped in to help. St. Nick waited for nightfall and for the daughters to hang up their stockings at the chimney to dry after washing before he threw handfuls of gold coins into their stockings from the window! This gave the girls plenty of dowry money, and it wasn’t the first or the last time that St. Nick would do something like this. In fact, St. Nick used to leave poor children presents in their stockings at night, and food and money to help poor families. He always performed his good deeds at night to keep his identity a secret, as he wanted to remain anonymous, no one really knows why. After word of the mysterious St. Nick’s good deeds got out, the tradition of leaving gifts in stockings spread throughout Europe and gave birth to our traditions of Santa Clause and Christmas stockings. So for the record, yes Santa Clause is real, or at least was in 240 A.D.

Today, stockings are still hung with care and stuffed with toys and goodies by jolly old St. Nick! Some of our favorite things to find in our stockings are: gift cards, novelty gifts, and of course, chocolate! Christmas themed chocolates, like Christmas tree lollipops, chocolate dipped candy canes and mini chocolate Santas are always a favorite. Maybe you want to give a little more sophisticated chocolate stocking stuffer to a special someone? Why not give them a box of decadent truffles? It is a little bit more romantic and still oh so tasty. Some other great chocolatey goodness for stocking stuffers are: hot chocolate spoons, chocolate Christmas wreaths, and a chocolate soldier!

Stocking stuffers are meant to be fun, tasty and creative, so stop into Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe today for all your stocking stuffer needs! Or shop from the convenience of home right here!