Celebrate American Business Women’s Day

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Susan Hordych and her Mother, both women entrepreneurs.

Happy American Business Women’s Day! On September 22, 1982, the American Business Women’s Association sponsored the first ever American Business Women’s Day. It was recognized by Congressional Proclamation in 1983 and 1986. It is a day to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for women to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking and national recognition. Many of our local chambers of commerce and business organizations have created committees and chairs for professional women to share their experience, knowledge, and strategies for success with other women in business.

Today is a day to honor and reflect upon the contributions and accomplishments of the millions of women in the work-force and the millions of women business owners in the United States. Did you know that as of 2012 women owned almost 10 million businesses and employ 19.1 million workers? That’s one in every seven employees! Women-owned businesses account for $2.5 trillion in sales, and according to this article in Forbes Magazine, women own 36% of all businesses (according to the 2012 U.S. Census) – that’s an increase of 30% since 2007!

It is my honor and privilege to be among these statistics as a woman-owned business. I would like to recognize the many women business owners that I know, work with, and collaborate with who are following their passions and adding to the successes of women-owned business throughout the country.  Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is my passion, my pride, and will one day be my legacy to my children and their children. Let’s celebrate our fellow women-owned businesses today!

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The Short and Sweet Life of a Chocolate Covered Strawberry

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chocolate covered strawberries NJRomantic. Decadent. Sweet. Juicy. These are just a few words to describe one of our customer favs here at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe: Chocolate Covered Strawberries! But these little morsels of goodness are a lot more complicated than it seems, so we’ve decided to give you a How It’s Made of chocolate covered strawberries.

It starts with the strawberries. You want them to be firm and ripe enough for flavor, but not mushy, because no one likes a mushy strawberry. Plus, the ripeness of the strawberries will affect their shelf life. Typically, a chocolate covered strawberry will last up to three days if covered and refrigerated, but a mushy strawberry is sure to shorten the lifespan of your sweet treats! What if your strawberries are a little under ripe? Wait. Sure, they will last longer, but if you plan on serving the strawberries within 24 hours your strawberries will be too hard and lack that delicious sweetness. At Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe we use nothing but Grade A strawberries, locally sourced when they are in season, and we make them to order, so you get the freshest chocolate covered strawberries possible.

Chocolate pros, like the experts at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, know that if the strawberries are too cold, the chocolate will cool on the skin of the fruit too fast, so before going for the chocolate, the strawberries are left out to become room temperature. After this, the strawberries are dipped and twirled in chocolate. For this to be done easily, the stems are sometimes left on the strawberries during the dipping process, which is great for a fancy look. At Suzi’s we remove the stems and dip the entire strawberry in our decadent, homemade chocolate. After the strawberries are dipped in the chocolate they are placed onto a tray lined with wax paper and then put into our cooling tunnel. From here the chocolate covered strawberries are ready to enjoy! Yum! Once you get your chocolate covered strawberries home it’s time to eat up those little bites of heaven!

Chocolate covered strawberries are one of the sweetest and most romantic treats around. They make great gifts, and are amazing on platters for your party, group or organization event. We can take orders online or by phone in advance, but only need a couple of days in the event of an emergency. And we always have some in-stock, so make sure to stop on into Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe and treat yourself to something sweet!

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How to Maximize the Last Days of Summer

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things to do in middletown njWell it is that time of year again. Back to school. This can be both a joyous and sad time of year, summer is coming to an end, the kiddos have to go back to school, and there still feels like so much you want to do this summer. Here at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe we understand the end of summer and start of school rush, so from our family to yours here are some of our favorite day trips and activities for the last days of summer.

Enjoy the Beach One Last Time

This one might seem kind of obvious, especially if you’ve been hitting the beach all summer, but hear us out. That last week of August and the first week of September are golden beach times. The tourists are dwindling down, so the beaches feel almost empty, and all of the fun boardwalk activities are still in full swing, so take advantage of some summer sun and cool ocean breezes, tourist free.

The Monmouth Museum is Hands-On for Kids

Located on the Brookdale Campus on Newman Springs Rd. in Lincroft, NJ, the Monmouth Museum is a great place to take the kids, because it is a museum designed for kids! With fun and interactive displays the Monmouth Museum inspires kids to learn about their world, create crafts from recyclable materials, and even has a play area! This is a great place to go on those scorching August days or even when it’s too rainy to be outside.

Play with Penguins at Jenkinson’s Aquarium

Located on the Point Pleasant Boardwalk, Jenkinson’s is fun for kids of all ages. With sharks, seals, and of course clown fish like Nemo, it’s a great way to entertain the kids. Plus there is even a touch tank where the kids can get a little more hands on with some of the sea life, such as urchins and star fish.

Hit Up Some Local Parks

There are so many awesome parks located around Middletown, so why not hit them up for some hiking? Bicentennial Park features some great hiking whereas parks like Applebrook and Bodman feature soccer fields, restrooms and playgrounds. It all depends on what you are looking for. You can even explore several parks throughout the week, sort of like a Park Crawl event! The point is to soak up some summer sun with the kids, before the school year starts.

Smell the Sweetness at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe

Suzi’s is a great place to stop in, relax and grab yourself and the kids a sweet treat, especially if you’ve been out all day back to school shopping. Nothing can brighten the mood better than chocolate! So make sure to treat yourself and the kids to something sweet to ease the pain of going back to school. Might we suggest some chocolate covered Oreos, pretzels or our version of the Mallowmar, Daddy’s Favorite?

chocolate covered pretzels middletown nj

Going back to school doesn’t have to be all back to school shopping, pencils, notebooks and last minute summer reading, it can be just as fun and eventful as the beginning of summer! So embrace the last few days of summer vacation and hit up some of these great Jersey Shore hot spots! And if you can’t make it in to the shoppe for a sweet treat, you can always place your order online!

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Suzi’s Guide to All Occasion Gift Giving

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gift baskets and party plattersGifting is something that isn’t just for the holidays, sometimes it’s nice to send a little thank you gift, or maybe you’re attending a summer barbeque and don’t want to show up empty handed. But what do you bring? And when is it appropriate to? Never fear! Because we are here to give you a definitive guide to help answer these gift giving conundrums.

  1. The Thank You. Sometimes people just go the extra mile for you, and in those situations it can be really difficult to thank them properly. You feel like a card just isn’t enough, but at the same time you don’t want to make what might be a professional relationship or a working relationship weird. Don’t worry because there are some gifts, like for teachers or the stellar concierge, which feel personal, but don’t blur that relationship. Food is a good way to go here, like a chocolate platter, it doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just something to say thank you for all the hard work you do or maybe thank you for being there as a friend.
  2. The Summer Bar-be-que. If you’re like us, then we understand your plight with dinner parties and bar-be-ques. Everyone always says you don’t have to bring anything, but you hate showing up empty handed, like it will somehow insult your hosts. This is another one of those situations where is it okay to show up with some type of dessert or maybe a side dish. Again, nothing fancy is necessary, the point is that you are showing your appreciation for being included.
  3. The Just Because. Ever be out and about and you see something that reminds you of someone? Either a friend or a family member and you just think, “oh this would be perfect for them”? Well sometimes it’s just nice to pick something up just because. You don’t always have to have a reason for getting someone a gift. They could have just been on your mind.
  4. The Business Savvy. It is really difficult to stay fresh and relevant in today’s fast moving world, with people catching Pokémon on their cell phones and everyone going a million miles an hour all the time. It’s important for businesses to stay savvy in this tech world, and to let their clients know they appreciate their business. One way to do this is to send a little care package of sorts to your clients. It lets your clients know that you appreciate their business, but it also serves as a calling card, a reminder that you have a working relationship that you are invested in from a business standpoint.
  5. The Anniversary. People have anniversaries all the time, but these can be applied to businesses as well. Maybe you have been working with a client for five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years now, why not send a gift as a thank you for so many years of business? It’s a great way to acknowledge your professional relationship with your client and show your appreciation.

Now for the biggest conundrum of them all: what do you bring or in some cases, gift? Especially in a more professional relationship it can be hard to find a meaningful, but yet not too personal of a gift. The best way to avoid this hiccup? Gift food! Offices love getting platters of chocolate assortments with chocolate covered cookies, pretzels, and fudge. It is a great way to boost morale, and be remembered. On a more personal relationship level, gifting/bringing food is something everyone can enjoy. Chocolate is a great idea in this instance, because who doesn’t love chocolate? Plus it is easy to get a gift basket, or an assortment of treats to suit all of your needs, especially at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe. So check out our website today.

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Daddy’s Favorite May Be Sweeter Than You Think

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daddys favorite mallomars suzis sweet shoppe chocolate njOne word can send most of the people in the New York/New Jersey area into a tail spin. That word is not porkroll, it’s Mallomars! Believe it or not, this popular cookie got its start in Hoboken, New Jersey under the name Marshmallow Crème. The Marshmallow Crème was so popular that Nabisco, the inventors of the vanilla wafer and marshmallow fluff covered in chocolate cookie, decided to package them for larger retail sales. So in Hoboken at a little grocery store, Nabisco, which still packages and sells the popular cookie even today, began selling Mallomars by the box in 1913. So what’s the big deal then? Why do so many people go crazy for these little cookies? Well, originally Mallomars were sold only from September through March. This was because before sophisticated refrigeration, the thin outer chocolate shell would melt in the warmer summer months. Today Nabisco upholds the tradition of selling their version of Mallomars from September through March, despite advances in refrigeration, and for this reason people anticipate the time when these little cookies return to the shelves. In addition, 70% of all Mallomars are sold in the North East, specifically the New York/ New Jersey area, which makes them as regional as New Jersey’s famous porkroll! It also explains why people have been known to hoard them, and if you’re Tony Soprano from HBO’s popular drama The Sopranos, threaten to kill for them.

mallomars by suzis sweet shoppe middletown nj chocolate shopFortunately, for those of you not local to the birthplace of Mallomars, you can stop hoarding this fantastic little treat. Why? Because there is a place where you can find an amazing version of Mallomars all year round. At Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe in Middletown, New Jersey, we specialize in our own version of Mallomars, and we call it “Daddy’s Favorite”. The name comes from Suzi’s father and his love of Mallomars. He used to indulge in these little treats all the time, and could eat them by the bag. So as a loving tribute to her father, Suzi, makes her own version of this classic cookie. At Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, we have some options for our Mallomars. We offer the traditional version with our own homemade chocolate which covers the cookie and marshmallow. We also offer an elevated version featuring a little caramel and coconut to bring new levels of flavor to this over 100-year-old treat. The cookie starts with the classic vanilla wafer cookie as the base, topped with marshmallow fluff, a drizzle of caramel and some coconut for sweetness. Covering the whole decadent treat is Suzi’s homemade chocolate. You can purchase these amazing cookies covered in either milk or dark chocolate in store and on our website. So what are you waiting for? Stop hoarding the Mallomars and enjoy them year round with Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe!

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Fun Facts Everyone Should Know About Chocolate!

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chocolate covered pretzelsIt’s the treat we all know and love: chocolate. With its creamy texture and delicious taste, chocolate is loved by millions. So in honor of this sweet treat here are ten surprising facts about chocolate.

  1. According to Smithsonian Magazine, our English word “chocolate” actually comes from an Aztec word “xocoatl”. This word linkage is thanks to the Aztecs being the first people to use cacao beans to make a chocolate drink, this drink was called xocoatl by the Aztecs.
  2. To the Aztecs chocolate was a sacred mixture in their culture and was even said to be the food of the gods. By drinking what researchers believe to be a more bitter tasting drink, the Aztecs were calling upon the power of the divine.
  3. Speaking of the Aztecs, current research and archaeology is contesting the fact that the Aztecs were the first people in Central America to make use of the cacao beans around them to make chocolate. Archaeologists have used different scientific methods to determine that pots dating back to the Olmec actually contain chocolate residue. This type of study has also been successful in identifying chocolate in Pueblo pots, suggesting that chocolate would have been traded from Central American to the American Southwest some 800 years ago.
  4. It was not until the Central American xocoatl drink was popular in Europe that a man named Joseph Fry came along and in 1847 created the first chocolate bar. So next time you sink your teeth into all that Chocolatey goodness remember to thank Joseph Fry for realizing that a little bit of butter, sugar and some high heat could mold chocolate into convenient bar form.
  5. During the American Civil War chocolate was so valuable that it was included in rations as a form of payment to the soldiers, and though this fact might be old, it is a testament to the now $4 billion dollar chocolate industry in America today. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the average American eats about half a pound of chocolate every month.
  6. Thank goodness dark chocolate has some proven health benefits, otherwise that half a pound of chocolate every month would be bad. Turns out, according to Medical News Today, dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants! Granted, the lower the sugar content and the higher the cacao content the more antioxidants there are. Basically, if the chocolate is dark or biitter, it’s super healthy.
  7. In the same vein of dark chocolate and health, dark chocolate has recently been proven to lower cholesterol, improve memory, and can lower your risk of heart disease. This doesn’t mean chocolate is the answer for everything, and certainly not large amounts of it every day, but a moderate amount of chocolate is good for the health as well as the soul.
  8. Chocolate has been a renowned aphrodisiac for centuries, and this old wives tale might just be true. Chocolate actually releases the chemical serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the general feel good chemical that produced feelings of happiness. Turns out the same chemical is released during sex as well.
  9. Not completely sold on the benefits of chocolate? Well a recent study has concluded that chocolate can actually reduce stress levels. This is connected to the serotonin that the brain releases once the chocolate is consumed.
  10. Though this may not be directly connected to chocolate, it does relate to one of the biggest American chocolate tycoons, Milton Hershey. Hershey was in Europe on business in 1912 and was scheduled to be on the Titanic, but at the last minute his business plans changed and he missed the boat. Thank goodness for small miracles.

Not only does chocolate have an interesting history, but it is good for the mind, body, and soul. What more do you need to know? Well, we do more than just make our own chocolate in house! We provide wedding and party favors, corporate gift giving services, can ship anywhere in the country, and make the best chocolate covered pretzels around! Never miss another birthday, holiday, or opportunity to thank someone. You can place an order online and stop by the shoppe to pick up your order or contact us to place a custom order. Head on over to Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe and pick up some stress reducing, divine treats for yourself.

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Memorial Day Is Around the Corner!

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hand dipped chocolate strawberriesIt’s almost here, the unofficial start of summer – Memorial Day!  It’s a time to remember those who have lost everything while protecting our freedom serving in our armed forces.  Originally, Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day and commemorated the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War.  During the 20th century Memorial Day was extended to honor all Americans who have died while serving in the military.

And with our observance of those that have given so much to our country and the many parades and celebrations throughout our towns, it also brings about the holiday BBQ weekend.  There’s nothing like a summer kick-off BBQ to bring family and friends together over this holiday weekend!  If you are hosting the festivities, remember, a BBQ is supposed to be fun and laid back and often times there’s no need for a fancy menu.  If you keep with the essentials of hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, and a few delicious appetizers you can even add your own delicious twist on these classics to blow your guests away.

But for dessert don’t forget to be playful and have fun with it, create something red, white and blue to keep with the theme of the weekend.  Aside from the normal cupcakes, fruit salads and ice cream, why not try something different for dessert – like chocolate!  Give your guests something truly delicious, like a platter of chocolate hand-dipped fruits and pretzels.  These can be made with any kind of chocolate and decorated in all types of red white and blue accents to set the tone for your Memorial Day BBQ.  In addition, if you are looking for something to send home with your guests, why not try some flag shaped chocolate lollipops to show your patriotism! Or better yet, instead of baking a cake, try some other chocolatey goodness:

  1. From fruit to pretzels, marshmallows, nuts and even cookies, everyone loves the rich taste of their favorite snacks covered in chocolate. We can create custom platters, baskets or boxes that make great dessert buffets.
  2. Whether you are planning a backyard BBQ or are taking it to a park, beach or other off-site location, including delicious chocolates as part of the dessert options is a definite crowd pleaser. Platters of hand-dipped fruits and pretzels can add pizzazz to the dessert menu and can be easily kept in a cooler until ready to serve.
  3. It is always nice to send your guests home with a reminder of your party.  Chocolate lollipop favors are just the right size to take home and will give your guests a delicious treat to look forward to later.

Don’t forget to be playful and have fun with it, by creating something red, white and blue to keep with the theme of the weekend. In addition to party platters and lollipops, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe specializes in all types of party favors, custom candies and corporate gift baskets.  We are now taking orders for all-occasion party platters , so contact us today for all your party and BBQ needs!

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Three Ways Chocolate Covered Pretzels Make People Happy

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chocolate covered pretzelsIt’s not a coincidence that chocolate covered pretzels are a customer favorite. Who doesn’t love the combination of salty crunch with the creamy sweetness of delicious chocolate? It’s not the same when you buy the mass produced, prepackaged chocolate covered pretzels at a grocery store. We’re talking about the homemade, hand dipped and embellished kind. But why have these become such a gourmet craze all of a sudden? We think it’s the happiness factor. Seriously, chocolate covered pretzels make people happy. We watch them come in the shoppe every day and walk out smiling with their chocolate covered pretzels. So, here are three ways these little bundles of deliciousness make people happy!

Milk, Dark or White Chocolate

Everyone loves some type of chocolate. When you can walk in and grab a pretzel hand dipped in your favorite chocolate, suddenly the stress and worries of the world drip away. Pretzels can be dipped in milk, dark, or white chocolate so you can have what you want without settling for less. What’s not to be happy about?

It’s All About the Embellishments

In addition to getting the kind of chocolate you want, embellishments add another layer of flavor and texture that is simply undeniable. Whether it’s peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, M&M style candies, toffee bits, or sprinkles, the addition of something on top makes a chocolate covered pretzel even more tasty. The embellishments can also be used to theme your pretzels for a holiday or special occasion. So, when ordering for a special occasion be sure to ask about theming and colors.

They Make a Great Gift

Do you need to thank someone for an act of kindness, or have an unexpected event to celebrate? Don’t worry about what gift to give, just pick up some beautiful chocolate covered pretzels. If you are stopping by a customer’s office don’t pick up a box of donuts! Elevate your game and get some chocolate covered pretzels! If you or a loved one had a tough day, it’s time to treat yourself and them to a pretzel. Trust us, giving a gift this wonderful will make everyone happy, including you!

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has perfected the art of hand-dipping pretzels in their homemade chocolate. Our customers absolutely love our pretzels and order them as platters, in gifts, and even pick them up as a quick snack on the run. You can place an order online and pick it up the same day. Stop by the shoppe and pick up your pretzels or contact us to place a custom order. We love to make people happy with our chocolate covered pretzels, so be sure to sign up today for our monthly giveaway and you could win a free pound of assorted chocolate covered pretzels!

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Fudge, Glorious Fudge

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homemade fudge in new jerseySoft, chocolatey goodness, that can sometimes be found in the famous candle shops of Pennsylvania, we are talking about fudge! But not the candle shop variety, no way! Real homemade, decadent to die for fudge. So when did this sweet treat get its start? Well, 1886 this American invention came on the scene when someone, it is not known who “fudged” a batch of caramel, hence the name fudge! In those days, caramel was a hot ticket item sold across the nation, Even Milton Hershey of the famous Hershey bar sold caramel for a brief time. Well after the accident with the caramel, a Baltimore, MD grocery store began producing and selling fudge at 40 cents a pound, from there it was noticed by a college student who decided the share the novel treat with her classmates. In a letter found at Vassar College written by Emelyn Hartridge, Emelyn is the student gushing about fudge and how fantastic the treat is to her fellow students.

By 1888 Emelyn needed more of the sweet treat from Baltimore and asked the grocery store for the recipe. From there fudge spread to other colleges, kind of like Facebook, and before anyone knew it, women’s colleges across the nation were perfecting their own fudge recipes for sale. So what better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than by digging into the sweet treat perfected by women’s colleges?

Today fudge has gone on to be an iconic feature in many a candle shop, candy store, and of course chocolate shop. With a multitude of flavors, from peanut butter to birthday cake and even watermelon, fudge has proven to be an American classic that has withstood the test of time. Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe specializes in these homemade delicious treats and offers a variety of flavors, from classic chocolate to seasonal flavors like watermelon, so there really is something for everyone. Stop by Suzi’s today and check out all the fudge, or place your order online and we’ll ship it right to you!

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It’s Spring & It’s Almost Time for Easter!

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Easter candy in New Jersey“Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail! Hippity-hoppity Easter’s on its way!” That’s right in just a few short days the Easter Bunny will be coming to town and spring has officially arrived! This year, the first official day of spring was Sunday, March 20th and just seven days later is Easter! Already the crocuses are sprouting up all over, the warm weather is fighting off the last bits of winter’s cold grip, and we are all ready for some sun. Naturally, we all also have one thing on our minds with Easter, those yummy Easter baskets. This year instead of hitting up the drug store at the last minute, why not do something special and get something sweet from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe?

easter candy new jerseySuzi’s offers a variety of homemade Easter treats, even jelly beans. With hollowed out chocolate baskets and a variety of products, we really should all head down to Suzi’s this Easter. There are the classics: jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, hollow eggs filled with candy, and foil wrapped eggs, but Suzi’s also offers some out of the box options, like: chocolate covered peeps, marshmallow eggs covered in chocolate, chocolate Easter baskets, and chocolate lollipops, of course shaped like bunnies.

With so many cute and delicious options, who could refuse? You can even make your own Easter basket from the assortment of goodies Suzi’s has to offer. There’s still time to check out Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe for all your chocolate and candy needs this Easter!

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