Memorial Day Is Around the Corner!

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hand dipped chocolate strawberriesIt’s almost here, the unofficial start of summer – Memorial Day!  It’s a time to remember those who have lost everything while protecting our freedom serving in our armed forces.  Originally, Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day and commemorated the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War.  During the 20th century Memorial Day was extended to honor all Americans who have died while serving in the military.

And with our observance of those that have given so much to our country and the many parades and celebrations throughout our towns, it also brings about the holiday BBQ weekend.  There’s nothing like a summer kick-off BBQ to bring family and friends together over this holiday weekend!  If you are hosting the festivities, remember, a BBQ is supposed to be fun and laid back and often times there’s no need for a fancy menu.  If you keep with the essentials of hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, and a few delicious appetizers you can even add your own delicious twist on these classics to blow your guests away.

But for dessert don’t forget to be playful and have fun with it, create something red, white and blue to keep with the theme of the weekend.  Aside from the normal cupcakes, fruit salads and ice cream, why not try something different for dessert – like chocolate!  Give your guests something truly delicious, like a platter of chocolate hand-dipped fruits and pretzels.  These can be made with any kind of chocolate and decorated in all types of red white and blue accents to set the tone for your Memorial Day BBQ.  In addition, if you are looking for something to send home with your guests, why not try some flag shaped chocolate lollipops to show your patriotism! Or better yet, instead of baking a cake, try some other chocolatey goodness:

  1. From fruit to pretzels, marshmallows, nuts and even cookies, everyone loves the rich taste of their favorite snacks covered in chocolate. We can create custom platters, baskets or boxes that make great dessert buffets.
  2. Whether you are planning a backyard BBQ or are taking it to a park, beach or other off-site location, including delicious chocolates as part of the dessert options is a definite crowd pleaser. Platters of hand-dipped fruits and pretzels can add pizzazz to the dessert menu and can be easily kept in a cooler until ready to serve.
  3. It is always nice to send your guests home with a reminder of your party.  Chocolate lollipop favors are just the right size to take home and will give your guests a delicious treat to look forward to later.

Don’t forget to be playful and have fun with it, by creating something red, white and blue to keep with the theme of the weekend. In addition to party platters and lollipops, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe specializes in all types of party favors, custom candies and corporate gift baskets.  We are now taking orders for all-occasion party platters , so contact us today for all your party and BBQ needs!

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Three Ways Chocolate Covered Pretzels Make People Happy

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chocolate covered pretzelsIt’s not a coincidence that chocolate covered pretzels are a customer favorite. Who doesn’t love the combination of salty crunch with the creamy sweetness of delicious chocolate? It’s not the same when you buy the mass produced, prepackaged chocolate covered pretzels at a grocery store. We’re talking about the homemade, hand dipped and embellished kind. But why have these become such a gourmet craze all of a sudden? We think it’s the happiness factor. Seriously, chocolate covered pretzels make people happy. We watch them come in the shoppe every day and walk out smiling with their chocolate covered pretzels. So, here are three ways these little bundles of deliciousness make people happy!

Milk, Dark or White Chocolate

Everyone loves some type of chocolate. When you can walk in and grab a pretzel hand dipped in your favorite chocolate, suddenly the stress and worries of the world drip away. Pretzels can be dipped in milk, dark, or white chocolate so you can have what you want without settling for less. What’s not to be happy about?

It’s All About the Embellishments

In addition to getting the kind of chocolate you want, embellishments add another layer of flavor and texture that is simply undeniable. Whether it’s peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, M&M style candies, toffee bits, or sprinkles, the addition of something on top makes a chocolate covered pretzel even more tasty. The embellishments can also be used to theme your pretzels for a holiday or special occasion. So, when ordering for a special occasion be sure to ask about theming and colors.

They Make a Great Gift

Do you need to thank someone for an act of kindness, or have an unexpected event to celebrate? Don’t worry about what gift to give, just pick up some beautiful chocolate covered pretzels. If you are stopping by a customer’s office don’t pick up a box of donuts! Elevate your game and get some chocolate covered pretzels! If you or a loved one had a tough day, it’s time to treat yourself and them to a pretzel. Trust us, giving a gift this wonderful will make everyone happy, including you!

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has perfected the art of hand-dipping pretzels in their homemade chocolate. Our customers absolutely love our pretzels and order them as platters, in gifts, and even pick them up as a quick snack on the run. You can place an order online and pick it up the same day. Stop by the shoppe and pick up your pretzels or contact us to place a custom order. We love to make people happy with our chocolate covered pretzels, so be sure to sign up today for our monthly giveaway and you could win a free pound of assorted chocolate covered pretzels!

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Fudge, Glorious Fudge

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homemade fudge in new jerseySoft, chocolatey goodness, that can sometimes be found in the famous candle shops of Pennsylvania, we are talking about fudge! But not the candle shop variety, no way! Real homemade, decadent to die for fudge. So when did this sweet treat get its start? Well, 1886 this American invention came on the scene when someone, it is not known who “fudged” a batch of caramel, hence the name fudge! In those days, caramel was a hot ticket item sold across the nation, Even Milton Hershey of the famous Hershey bar sold caramel for a brief time. Well after the accident with the caramel, a Baltimore, MD grocery store began producing and selling fudge at 40 cents a pound, from there it was noticed by a college student who decided the share the novel treat with her classmates. In a letter found at Vassar College written by Emelyn Hartridge, Emelyn is the student gushing about fudge and how fantastic the treat is to her fellow students.

By 1888 Emelyn needed more of the sweet treat from Baltimore and asked the grocery store for the recipe. From there fudge spread to other colleges, kind of like Facebook, and before anyone knew it, women’s colleges across the nation were perfecting their own fudge recipes for sale. So what better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than by digging into the sweet treat perfected by women’s colleges?

Today fudge has gone on to be an iconic feature in many a candle shop, candy store, and of course chocolate shop. With a multitude of flavors, from peanut butter to birthday cake and even watermelon, fudge has proven to be an American classic that has withstood the test of time. Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe specializes in these homemade delicious treats and offers a variety of flavors, from classic chocolate to seasonal flavors like watermelon, so there really is something for everyone. Stop by Suzi’s today and check out all the fudge, or place your order online and we’ll ship it right to you!

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It’s Spring & It’s Almost Time for Easter!

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Easter candy in New Jersey“Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail! Hippity-hoppity Easter’s on its way!” That’s right in just a few short days the Easter Bunny will be coming to town and spring has officially arrived! This year, the first official day of spring was Sunday, March 20th and just seven days later is Easter! Already the crocuses are sprouting up all over, the warm weather is fighting off the last bits of winter’s cold grip, and we are all ready for some sun. Naturally, we all also have one thing on our minds with Easter, those yummy Easter baskets. This year instead of hitting up the drug store at the last minute, why not do something special and get something sweet from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe?

easter candy new jerseySuzi’s offers a variety of homemade Easter treats, even jelly beans. With hollowed out chocolate baskets and a variety of products, we really should all head down to Suzi’s this Easter. There are the classics: jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, hollow eggs filled with candy, and foil wrapped eggs, but Suzi’s also offers some out of the box options, like: chocolate covered peeps, marshmallow eggs covered in chocolate, chocolate Easter baskets, and chocolate lollipops, of course shaped like bunnies.

With so many cute and delicious options, who could refuse? You can even make your own Easter basket from the assortment of goodies Suzi’s has to offer. There’s still time to check out Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe for all your chocolate and candy needs this Easter!

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Good Things Come in Small Packages – Even Wedding Favors!

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wedding and party favors monmouth county njYou’ve planned the wedding venue, said yes to a dress, dealt with the stress of a seating chart, and now all you have left are the wedding favors. But what do you give? You know you want it to be memorable, and definitely not the standard Jordan Almonds either, but what? Stop worrying and go with the latest wedding favor trend, which will certainly make your favors unforgettable. It’s chocolate! Rather than be the Pinterest fail (we’ve all been there) why not avoid the aggravation and wasted time and money on your wedding favors and go to a chocolate professional.

One of most popular products on the market right now are truffles. Coming in packages of two or four, these decadent milk and dark chocolate morsels will melt in your mouth. Both the milk and dark chocolate truffles come in an assortment of flavors, including Carmel Lava, Chocolate Velvet, Raspberry, and Wicked Dark. Both the two and four packs come in a lovely gold box with a clear lid and an option for a customizable ribbon, which is perfect for displaying your wedding date.  For something really unique, go for chocolate covered Oreos! These little bites of heaven are dressed to impress in white and milk chocolate, made to look like a wedding dress and tux (see the picture), it puts a whole new meaning to everyone’s favorite cookie. This same bride and groom design is also featured on pretzel rods and chocolate covered strawberries. Both of which are sure to leave your guests wanting more.

chocolate wedding favors new jerseyTo sweeten the deal, chocolate is naturally gluten free, making it perfect for all of your wedding favor needs. Chocolate does provide flexibility when thinking of guests with dietary restrictions. But what about your dairy free guests? Fun fact, dark chocolate can be gluten AND dairy free! Chocolate wedding favors are really the best way to make sure that your wedding favors are memorable.

Your guests will rave about that little something sweet for years to come, especially if it is from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe. Suzi’s is a family owned, local store located in Middletown, New Jersey. Since opening in 1998, Suzi and her husband, Stan have been making high quality chocolates for over a decade. All of their chocolate is hand made and can customizable for any occasion. Suzi’s offers a variety of wedding themed favors as well; from box sets to lollipops, and even hand-dipped treats themed for your wedding. Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe can help you bring a little bit more of your personality to your wedding, with their great customer service and fantastic chocolate, working with Suzi’s is something you will never regret. For a full assortment of flavors and products contact us or call Suzi’s at 732-797-0115 today!

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The Big Game is Almost Here and We’ve Got Your Party Platters

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superbowl party foodIt’s back!  To the delight of many football fans the Big Game is almost here.  And with that comes the tailgating and Big Game football parties that make us all proud to wear our team jerseys and yell like we are on the field with our favorite players, even if your team is not playing. Food has always been the heart of these events and this year is no different.  We have some great dessert and snack suggestions that will make your Big Game Party stand out from the ordinary and have your guests on their toes, but not because your team scored the winning touch-down!

1)            Chocolate dipped cookies.  Move over fried Oreos, because there’s a new sheriff in town!  That’s right, hand-dipped Oreos, Chips Ahoy and just about any kind of cookie you might like.  We can dip them in dark, milk or white chocolate and top them off with sprinkles or decorations that match your favorite team colors.

2)            For those of us who are looking for a healthier alternative, how about some hand-dipped fruit.  Although not a traditional tailgating food, chocolate dipped strawberries or assorted fruits are a perfect light dessert to compliment any tailgate fare.

3)            Pick up a football platter with chocolate dipped pretzels and bring them over to your game day party as a hostess gift.  Why bother with a bag of plain, boring pretzels, when you can enjoy the delicious mixture of sweet, creamy homemade chocolate with the crunchy goodness of pretzels.  Sweet and salty doesn’t get any better than this.

4)            Make your alliances known with custom team logo candy bars.  This is a great way to take your team rivalries to the next level.  Your favorite team’s logo can be printed on a candy bar label and added to a gift basket, a party platter or you can buy them in bulk to hand out to your fellow team mates!

5)            Football lollipops make great party favors and can fit right in with your football tailgate party.  They are fun for kids as well as adults and can be made in any type of chocolate, or mix and match so there is something for everyone.

Don’t settle for the usual desserts and snacks while you are watching this year’s Big Game.  Whether you’re staying at home with friends or attending a party at a different venue, we think homemade chocolate should be part of the fun.  We recommend you dump the nachos with extra cheese and put out a great party platter of chocolate treats that will make your game day even better.  Contact Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe for more information about party platters, favors and gift baskets or to place your order today.

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Announcing Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe App!

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homemade chocolate in njWe are so excited to announce that we now have an App for both Apple & Android so that you can have access to Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe right from your mobile device. There are so many benefits to downloading our App, from customer loyalty rewards to special App discounts, and shopping our customer favorites. In addition to coupons and loyalty discounts, we also have links to our videos and social media so you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, even if you don’t have your own profile! You can also access reviews of Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe on Yelp from our App.

Through our App notifications you will be informed of new products, coupons, and specials. So downloading Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe App is a great way to stay up to date, and get your favorite chocolate treats, like our hand dipped chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries, or our homemade fudge and truffles. Download our App today and receive a special discount on your next purchase!

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Do You Have Your Corporate Goals for 2016?

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corporate goals 2016In the famous words of Lewis Carroll, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” These words ring true for businesses; however, more so at the start of a new year. Countless business owners make New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of every year only to find that after the first week those resolutions have long since been forgotten.   When making a resolution we always have the best of intentions to stick with it, to see it through to the end and improve professionally as well as personally and make our overall situation better throughout the year.   Good intentions, right?  Well you know what they say about good intentions…

We have a suggestion that’s a little different for 2016.  Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, why not make a list of where you were last year, both the good and the bad, then list your GOALS for the New Year based on where you have been and what you would like to accomplish.  It’s much easier to be flexible with this strategy and make the changes necessary to meet your goals because it’s a more positive mental picture than denying yourself something in a resolution (and we all know that our resolutions are always about the negative).

When I first started Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe 17 years ago I wasn’t consciously aware that I was doing it, but at the end of my first full year I reviewed what I had accomplished, what my difficulties were and what my goals for the following year would be.  At the end of my second year I reviewed what my goals had been for the year and realized that 90% of what I put in writing as a goal for the year was actually accomplished!  I was completely amazed by this discovery, as I sure wasn’t focused on it every day, week or month. I wasn’t referring to the list of goals throughout the year; however, just by virtue of committing to it in writing, I seemed to have been able to accomplish much of the list that year.  What a great feeling!

So, needless to say, instead of making any New Year’s Resolutions I put together a new list of goals for each year.  Now, what does this have to do with marketing, sales or anything chocolate related?  By experiencing this phenomenon myself I wanted to suggest that having written goals for the year, whether they are personal, or business goals can be an effective tool in your arsenal for success.   Identifying your goals for the year will give you more focus and provide a road map to the things that you want to accomplish.

For instance, if your goal is to increase your sales next year, give yourself a specific plan of action and list the things you will do to accomplish this goal.  Follow that list and you will be surprised at the end results.  Your marketing goals for the year should be identified in the same way and through very targeted and specific programs, such as employee recognition and client retention plans, you will be able to follow through and feel accomplished at the end of the year.

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe can be an integral part of your overall sales and marketing goals, for client retention, new business development and employee rewards.  Our specialized gift baskets, custom branded logo products and delivery services can make your company stand out from the competition.  For more information on our corporate services and how you can utilize our products and branding techniques to help increase your business in the coming year, please click here.

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Special Holiday Gifts for Special Helpers

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holiday gift givingDecember is all about the holidays and gift giving, so we thought it would be great to help you out with ideas for some of the people that you may have forgotten to put on your gift list.  With life as busy as it is we know you need all the help you can get to make gift giving easy.  We suggest that you check your list and check it twice to be sure that you have not overlooked some of the people who make your life a bit easier throughout the year.  Here is our list of top service providers you may want to recognize this holiday season:

  • Teachers
  • Dog Walker
  • Religious education staff
  • Hair stylist/salon services
  • Letter carrier
  • Tutor
  • Sports coaches
  • Babysitter
  • Paper delivery person
  • Concierge
  • Personal trainer

Now that you have them on your list, the challenge is what kind of gift to buy them.  There are many choices you can make, but few of them are pleasing to everyone the way that chocolate and candy is.  You can create custom gift baskets or go for pre-boxed or packaged gifts that fit any price range for gift giving.  With so many choices, flavors and forms of chocolate and candy you won’t have to worry about whether or not they will like it.  Some of our favorites for holiday gifts that say thank you for all you do are fudge by the pound, assorted chocolate lollipops, prepackaged gift baskets, beautifully boxed ribbon candy and 1 pound (or more) boxes of assorted chocolates.  The beauty of chocolate gifts is that you can buy extra for that unexpected guest that always seems to be at the holiday celebrations.

For one stop shopping, be sure to visit award winning Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, where all of the candy is homemade and renowned for its distinct smoothness.  Click here for more information on the candy at Suzi’s or stop by today.

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Corporate and Chocolate – Perfect Together!

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corporate branding and gift givingThere are several events and reasons why chocolate fits perfectly into the corporate mold (pun intended!) and for many human resource representatives, managers and small business owners the trend in chocolate and candy for corporate functions is increasing on many levels.  We’ve been providing our corporate clients with a variety of different ideas and uses for chocolate to enhance their business outreach and now we’re sharing with you our client’s favorites!

1)            Corporate award programs and gift giving are a great way to garner some team spirit and create motivation in your employees, or even thank your customers. Give them something they will definitely appreciate – corporate chocolate bars! We can make the bars with your logo and even custom design the wrappings with your corporate event date and title.

2)            Customer appreciate parties are another great way to keep your brand in front of your clients and when you combine that with a delicious, chocolate treat take home gifts your customers will feel completely appreciated!

3)            Participating in association or chamber events that may offer gift basket auctions is another corporate favorite.  We have provided many corporate branded gift baskets, which were then donated to an organization for an auction.  When the winner of the basket opens it – they are delighted to find the wonderful array of chocolates and our clients know that their brand is represented well after the event is over.

4)            Tradeshows continue throughout the year and it’s always difficult to stand out from the competition, whose booth may be in close proximity to yours.  Be sure to gather the crowds at your booth by offering custom corporate logo lollipops and you will blow away your competition while gathering the leads you need for a successful trade show.

5)            Corporate meetings, picnics, and BBQs can be challenging for those that are in charge of planning these events. The difficulty lies in melding the atmosphere of the event while maintaining a certain corporate structure that tends to be difficult when everyone is outside of their normal work day.  For some of our corporate clients this is a perfect time to show the fun side of their corporate brand with some favors and platters that include corporate logo branding lollipops with chocolate and molds. Dessert platters with hand-dipped fruits and pretzels are a favorite and employees feel the team spirit immediately.

These are just a few of the ways Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has been helping local companies with their branding and outreach efforts.  If your company is planning an event and needs help with the favors, gifts or giveaways, be sure to contact us today.

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