Show Your Patriotism this Fourth of July with Chocolate!

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home made chocolate candy in monmouth countyFourth of July is almost here and if you’re planning on inviting friends over for a Bar-B-Que or have been invited to a party, don’t forget to show your patriotism with some holiday inspired treats!  Hot dogs and hamburgers, pool parties and fireworks are the staples of celebrating our nation’s independence.  But while you are preparing for one of the best-loved days of the year, make sure you pick up your patriotic-inspired dessert or hostess gifts.  Here are some great homemade chocolate treats that are as patriotic as the day we are celebrating!

Chocolate flag lollipops – these make a great patriotic treat on the Fourth of July that are easy to transport (if you are bringing them with you) and make a great dessert or party favor.  Kids and adults love these chocolate lollipops, so make sure you pick up plenty for everyone!

Chocolate Patriotic Pretzel Rods – we already know that everyone loves chocolate dipped pretzels, but when you use pretzel rods, dipped in homemade chocolate and sprinkle them with red, white and blue sprinkles with a twizzle of white chocolate, then you’ve got one of our best-loved treats that look amazing when you serve them and carry through the patriotic theme of your Fourth of July!

Chocolate Hat lollipops – much like our chocolate flag lollipops, these are a take-off on Uncle Sam’s hat.  These can be made from dark or milk chocolate and are decorated with red, white and blue sprinkles on the brim.  Even Uncle Sam wants our chocolate hat lollipops!

Basket of Pretzels – if you have an army to feed at your Fourth of July party, or would like to bring enough for the entire class, then this is a great way to become the hero of the party!  A basket filled with our homemade, hand-dipped chocolate pretzels feature a variety of flavors and toppings, so there’s always something for everyone.

Don’t settle for the same old apple pie and ice cream for dessert this Fourth of July.  Wow your guests with something a little different and themed for the holiday!  For more information on our patriotic holiday chocolates, contact Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe today.

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We Know What Dad Wants This Father’s Day!

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father's day gifts in njFather’s Day is just around the corner! June is a busy month with so many things to celebrate with Fathers Day and all of the graduations from eighth grade through college. As much as everyone thinks only moms like chocolate – guess again!  We are finding how much Dads enjoy a little sweetness too!  If you are planning a party for Fathers Day or are looking for great ideas when it comes to gifts and party favors, here are some of our customers’ favorite party accessories and gifts in chocolate!

1) For the Dad who has everything think chocolate covered anything!  From fruit to pretzels, marshmallows, nuts and even cookies, Dads love the rich taste of their favorite snacks covered in chocolate. We can create custom platters, baskets or boxes and can even ship them to your Dad if he’s out of the area.

2) Whether you are planning a backyard BBQ or a more formal Father’s Day gathering at home, a restaurant or catering hall, including delicious chocolates as part of the dessert options is a definite crowd pleaser. Platters of hand-dipped fruits and pretzels can add pizzazz to the dessert menu.

4) Dad’s are into a lot of different hobbies.  Treat him to his favorite pastime in chocolate. We have chocolate molds for motorcycles, tools, sports equipment including fishing tackle. If all else fails a beautiful boxed tribute to “Dad” is a perfect gift!

Planning for summer parties, whether they be in celebration of Father’s Day, or to honor that hard-working graduate, there are many creative and delicious gift ideas for both, as well as a little something to give your guests that will make them all smile.  For more gift or party favor ideas, contact Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe today, or visit our website by clicking here.

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Graduate to Chocolate Party Favors

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Chocolate party favors for graduation partiesWith college graduations in full swing and high school, 8th grade and Kindergarten graduations just ahead of us, it’s time to plan for your graduate’s celebration.  There’s practically nothing better than the proud moment you see your loved one cross the stage and get their diploma.  So, when it comes to planning the barbeque or party to celebrate, it’s always nice to give your guests a nice party favor to thank them for coming.  Trends in party favors have varied throughout the years and one of the hottest these days are chocolate favors.  There is nothing more delicious than for your guests to take home something that will not only remind them of the fun they had at your graduation party, but also provide a tasty snack for later.

There are many types of chocolate party favors that you can choose from, but here are a few of our favorites:

1)            Lollipops – these make great take-home gifts for all ages and can be made in the shape of a graduation cap or the year in different flavors and colors.  Chocolate lollipops can also be coated with nuts and/or sprinkles and come individually wrapped for convenience.

2)            Custom candy bar wrappers – from your graduate’s name and graduation year to their school mascot, custom candy bar wrappers can be personalized with whatever you want.  All of the candy bars are homemade and can be made from any type of chocolate.

3)            3-D favors – something that is a little more substantial than a lollipop with a variety of styles and shapes, 3-D party favors can be made with any type of chocolate in a variety of colors and coatings.  We can wrap them in foil or place them in decorative bags for an elegant and sophisticated touch for any party.

4)            Box chocolates – from 2 piece truffles to a four-piece sampler box, these make beautiful party favors for any type of graduation party from a formal event to a barbeque.

5)            Hand-dipped chocolates – if you are looking for the crème de la crème of favors, look no further!  Hand-dipped chocolates are all the rage now from fresh fruits to pretzels, or even cookies.  If you are looking to impress your guests these are the must-have party favor.

As you can see, there are so many options to make your graduation party over-the-top memorable!  It may be hard to decide what to choose, so let the experts at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe guide you as you make your decision.  Our experience with party favors for all events and knowledge of chocolate trends can help you select the best favor, or should we say flavor for your party!  For more information on ordering your party favors or platters, contact us today, or view our website for some additional ideas.

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Great Memorial Day Chocolate Party Platters!

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memorial day party plattersJust one more month until the unofficial start of summer – Memorial Day!  It’s a time to reflect and remember those who have lost everything while protecting our freedom serving in our armed forces.  And with our observance of those that have given so much to our country and the many parades and celebrations throughout our towns, it also brings about the holiday BBQ weekend.   Instead of baking a cake, or serving a normal dessert dish, we’ve got some ideas that are the perfect ending to a great Memorial Day BBQ bash!

  1. From fruit to pretzels, marshmallows, nuts and even cookies, everyone loves the rich taste of their favorite snacks covered in chocolate. We can create custom platters, baskets or boxes that make great dessert buffets.
  2. Whether you are planning a backyard BBQ or are taking it to a park, beach or other off-site location, including delicious chocolates as part of the dessert options is a definite crowd pleaser. Platters of hand-dipped fruits and pretzels can add pizzazz to the dessert menu and can be easily kept in a cooler until ready to serve.
  3. It is always nice to send your guests home with a reminder of your party.  Chocolate lollipop favors are just the right size to take home and will give your guests a delicious treat to look forward to later.

hand dipped chocolate strawberries

Don’t forget to be playful and have fun with it, by creating something red, white and blue to keep with the theme of the weekend. In addition to party platters and lollipops, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe specializes in all types of party favors, custom candies and corporate gift baskets.  We are now taking orders for Memorial Day party platters, so contact us today for all your party and BBQ needs!

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Administrative Assistant’s Day Gift Ideas

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administrative assistant's day giftsThis Wednesday is Executive Administrative Day, formerly known as Secretary’s Day.  Today, most companies celebrate the contributions of their entire staff on this day with a special lunch or gathering during the workday.  Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has been busy filling orders for area companies who wish to show their appreciation for all the contributions their staff makes to the company’s success throughout the year. Here are some last-minute suggestions to surprise your office!

1)            Party platters – choose a platter of hand-dipped chocolate pretzels or strawberries for dessert instead of cake or cookies. Trust us, your staff will enjoy something different and chocolate is always a welcome treat in any office!

2)            Gift baskets – a gift basket for the office to share or for individual employees can make a great gift to show your appreciation.  We can fill baskets with everything from assorted chocolates, truffles and fudge to chocolate tea and coffee.  We have baskets on hand, so stop in and take a look!

3)            Party favors – if you are planning a full-on event for your company, try our chocolate lollipops in a variety of shapes and flavors.  These make great “take-away gifts” for customers or employees and are popular for tradeshow events.

4)            Assorted chocolates and truffles – a box of assorted chocolates provides something for everyone.  It’s also fun to guess what flavor is inside when choosing a piece.  A box of assorted chocolates or truffles can make a great addition to any office celebration.

5)            Gift cards – if you’re not sure what to get for your dedicated Administrative Assistant, try a gift card!  Chocolate is better than a spa-gift, so think delicious and different!

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has your solution for any corporate gift-giving occasion.  We can provide custom branded corporate gifts including baskets, platters, business card and boxes that make great gifts for clients, employees and colleagues.  There is no better way to say “Great Job”, “Thank You” or “Congratulations” than a gift of award-winning chocolate from Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe.  For more information or gift ideas, visit our website, stop by or call us at 732-796-0115.

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Corporate Branded by Chocolate

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corporate branded gifts and candyWe were very excited to be asked by Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his family to help them with some corporate branded candy bars for the grand opening of their new business, Boca Tanning Club, right here in Middletown on March 1st.  We share a lot of information about corporate branding and how chocolate can be a unique and memorable way to keep your brand in the minds of your customers, so having this opportunity come up was fun and amazing.  A grand opening is just one of many  reasons why chocolate fits perfectly into the corporate mold (pun intended!) and for many human resource representatives, managers and small business owners the trend in chocolate and candy for corporate functions is increasing on many levels.  We’ve been providing our corporate clients with a variety of great ideas for ways they can use chocolate to enhance their business outreach and now we’re sharing with you our client’s favorites!

1)            Summer is corporate picnic and BBQ time and those that are in charge of planning these events have no small task ahead of them. The difficulty lies in melding the casual atmosphere of a BBQ or picnic while maintaining a certain corporate structure that tends to be difficult when everyone is wearing shorts and sundresses.  For some of our corporate clients this is a perfect time to show the fun side of their corporate brand with some favors and platters that include corporate logo branding lollipops with chocolate and molds. Dessert platters with hand-dipped fruits and pretzels are a favorite and employees feel the team spirit immediately.

2)            Customer appreciate parties are another great way to keep your brand in front of your clients and when you combine that with a delicious, chocolate treat take home gifts your customers will feel completely appreciated!

3)            Participating in golf outings and similar events that may offer gift basket auctions is another corporate favorite.  We have provided many corporate branded gift baskets, which were then donated to an organization for an auction.  When the winner of the basket opens it – they are delighted to find the wonderful array of chocolates and our clients know that their brand is represented well after the event is over.

4)            Tradeshows continue throughout the year and it’s always difficult to stand out from the competition, whose booth may be in close proximity to yours.  Be sure to gather the crowds at your booth by offering custom corporate logo lollipops and you will blow away your competition while gathering the leads you need for a successful trade show.

5)            Corporate awards programs are another great way to garner some team spirit and create motivation in your employees. Give them something they will definitely appreciate – corporate chocolate bars!  We can make the bars with your logo and even custom design the wrappings with your corporate event date and title.

These are just a few of the ways Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has been helping local companies with their branding and outreach efforts.  If your company is planning an event and needs help with the favors, gifts or giveaways, be sure to contact us today.

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It’s Spring & It’s Time to Think Easter!

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homemade chocolate easter candy monmouth countyIf you haven’t seen them, the first signs of Spring are definitely out there, from the crocuses and daffodils popping up through the thawing ground to the robins that have been fluttering about.  According to the calendar it’s officially Spring, we’ve already had Daylight Savings, St. Patrick’s Day is behind us and March 20th, the official first day of Spring, has come and gone so now it’s time to talk Easter!

As I’m busy preparing all of the chocolate bunnies, chocolate dipped peeps (yes, peeps dipped in chocolate!) and many of the all-chocolate baskets and hollow eggs that are popular with our customers I am so thankful for the extra couple of weeks, as Easter is later in April than in previous years.  This is good in many ways because having some extra time to prepare for all of the things you need to do to prepare for the Easter Bunny is always welcome.  Might I add that Mother Nature may need some extra time to get it together with the weather too!

Just to give you some ideas in case you need them, let’s talk about some options for Easter Baskets and candy for this year.

Custom Easter Baskets are a great way to make sure everything in the basket works for your little bunnies!  We have plenty of baskets and tons of choices for everything to fill it with. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Solid milk, dark or white chocolate bunnies or crosses
  • Jelly beans of every color and flavor (sometimes we get requests for just the black!)
  • Chocolate dipped peeps
  • Speckled malted milk eggs
  • All chocolate baskets that can be filled
  • Hollow chocolate eggs that can be filled
  • Homemade fudge in a variety of flavors
  • Foiled eggs and carrot shaped chocolates for fun
  • Bunny lollipops

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is fully stocked and ready for all of your Easter candy needs.  And if you need to send a basket to a special someone we can even ship to just about anywhere.  In addition, we can make custom party platters and hostess gifts for all occasions.  Call us for recommendations, check out our website or stop by the shoppe and pick your Easter baskets up today!

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It’s Time for the Wearing O’ the Green!

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St. Patrick's Day Candy The Earth is slowly but surely making its cycle towards the sun, and with it, the seasons are about to change. The world looks pretty white with all the wild storms we keep having, but soon enough, the sun is going to come out, and things are going to change… especially in terms of color. Soon, it will be time to leave the white world of winter behind and embrace the color green, and everything green and spring have to offer!

During the month of March, and especially on March seventeenth, much of the US will be covered in green celebration – but it won’t be plants. St. Patrick’s Day, a religious and cultural holiday celebrated widely by those of Irish descent will be upon us, and there’s a lot of reason to celebrate, as well as a lot of ways! Parades, decorations, and refreshments are widespread, and many are the color green. Saint Patrick, the Saint for whom the Holiday is celebrated, was said to have used a green shamrock to explain his religion to the unaffiliated. Historically, Irish soldiers have worn green, and now, wearing green and shamrocks are customary for for the celebration.

All holidays have food – and for many, St, Patrick’s Day is associated with corned beef and cabbage. However, you can’t have a holiday without some sweetness! And why not get it in the form of a traditional Irish food – a potato? The potato was the most sought after food of Ireland in the 1800′s, since it was cheap and easy to grow. After the potato famine of the 1840′s, many Irish families were forced to emigrate, and many came to America – marking the reason why so many Irish descendants celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today! Potatoes themselves are not very sweet, but Irish Potato Candy, a popular sweet, is. It’s a sugary cookie made of cream cheese and coconut, and covered with cinnamon sugar to look like a small potato. Many families celebrate with this treat on St. Patrick’s Day.

After St. Patrick’s Day passes, the world will start to warm, and there will be a whole new reason to celebrate sweetly – spring! Spring brings a certain lightness that can be satisfied in many ways. Assorted dried fruit and nut mixes are the perfect way to start off the flowery, fruit bearing season, in addition to colorful jellybeans. Additionally, sugar free snacks candies are available for those who want to start their own self “spring cleaning.” Happiness and seasons are correlated, and as the weather warms and moods improve, why not also supplement with something to really smile about – chocolate!

This St. Patrick’s Day, you can get your fill of St. Patrick’s Day and Spring sweets at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe in Middletown, NJ. Suzi’s has a full supply of a myriad of sweets. Besides getting your fill this holiday of real potatoes, you can also buy Irish Potato Candy, or commemorate the religious aspect with chocolate lollipop crosses, some adorned with intricate flowers and some with rosary beads. Chocolate and sweet lovers can prepare for their family and friend gatherings and parade parties with gift baskets and party platters to celebrate with sweetness! Make the little leprechauns in your life happy with some delicious chocolate!

Suzi’s Sweet Shop also has every type of chocolate you could for the spring season. Chocolate dipped strawberries, the perfect fruit, are available, as well as many types of chocolate bark. As celebrations and parties get underway, why not get a themed basket for a wedding, or buy homemade labels for your celebration?

However you want to celebrate the start of green spring, sweets are the way to go! Although chocolate might not typically be green, some of the reasons surrounding it are! Start off your green spring with a leap in the right direction – sweetness!

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Our Favorite Chocolate Mix Ins

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CHocolate covered cookiesWe don’t have to tell you how much we love chocolate, and we’re sure that you share our passion for the creamy deliciousness we all love to indulge in!  To us, it doesn’t matter if it’s dark, milk, white or whether it’s fudge or brewed in a drink.  Chocolate is by far one of the most craved and loved treats there is.   So, what could possibly make chocolate more wonderful than it already is?  We’re going to give you our top-five favorite mix-ins, that make an already delectable treat even better by anyone’s standards!

By far one of the most popular mix-ins for our creamy delicious chocolate are nuts, like almonds or cashews.  This combination can come in a variety of ways, such as clusters, which are small and usually in a paper wrap or bark which is flattened and cut into sections.  Nuts can add a layer of flavor and texture to chocolate that blends with the wonderful flavors of milk, dark or white chocolate.

An apple a day helps keep the doctor away, so we can totally justify having fruit dipped or blended in chocolate!  From orange peels to cherries and chocolate dipped strawberries, our customers love the combination of fruit with chocolate.  Chocolate covered raisins and even raisin and nut clusters provide a powerful, flavor filled treat with a chewy and crunchy experience that is completely addictive!

It doesn’t matter whether they are traditional shaped pretzels or rods, when you dip a pretzel in chocolate – magic happens!  There is something about the salty crunch mixed with the creamy delicious chocolate that is undeniably one of the best tasting combinations on the planet.  We also add toppings like mini M&M’s, crushed nuts and sprinkles to finish them off – sort of like Bling!  It’s no wonder chocolate covered pretzels are one of our customer favorites to take home.

Assorted filled chocolates offer one surprise after another.  No one said it better than Forest Gump, “My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get.’”  And that’s part of the fun of filled chocolates.  You really do not know what you are going to get.  From vanilla, strawberry and chocolate filled to caramel, hazelnut, raspberry, cheesecake and we could go on and on. The possibilities are endless!

Cool Stuff
And finally, some things that are definitely different, but totally delicious all the same!  How about chocolate dipped cookies or even potato chips!  We are not afraid to dip just about anything in chocolate, but we’ve had a lot of happy customers who love our chocolate chip or Oreo dipped cookies.  We’ve also received rave reviews on our chocolate dipped potato chips, which again, offer the salty crunchiness of a chip that is smoothed by the creamy chocolate sweetness. What a combination!  We’ve dipped everything from Twinkies and gummy bears to licorice, and even candy canes!

We’ve just given you five of our very favorite chocolate mix-ins, but customers of Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe have been our best source of suggestions and ideas for new combinations.  So if you are thinking of a chocolate mix-in that you would like to try, just contact us and let us know what you think we should mix our homemade chocolate with and we’ll be happy to give it a try!

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Valentine’s Day Dilemmas Solved!

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Valentine's Day ChocolateIf you’re facing a dilemma on what to get your Valentine this year, you are not alone!  According to statistics, approximately 36 million boxes of chocolate are sold for Valentine’s Day and over 1 billion (yes, with a B) Valentine’s Day cards are sent.  These are staggering numbers that indicate we are a nation of lovers, not fighters!  So, the question is, what do you get for your loved one on St. Valentine’s Day and how do you make it special so it stands out from the millions of boxes of chocolate purchased each year?  Look no further, we have some great options that go outside the ordinary and will melt your Valentine’s heart this year!

A Box Of Chocolates Doesn’t Have to Be Mass Produced!

Buying a box of mass produced chocolate candies can be quick and easy, but doesn’t your Valentine deserve something better than the first box you grab at the pharmacy or grocery store?  Why not try something different this year and make a custom heart box with your love’s favorite chocolates.  There’s no better way to say “I Love You” than to show your significant other that you know what they like and will go to the ends of the earth (or just Middletown, NJ) to get it.  Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has many sizes and styles of heart boxes to choose from and can fill them with whatever your Valentine loves.  Whether it’s hand-dipped pretzels, assorted chocolates, fudge, truffles, or all of the above, Suzi’s can help you plan a personalized gift that will make this Valentine’s Day uniquely special.

Chocolate Doesn’t Have to Be Eaten, Just Ask The Ancients

During ancient times, the Aztec, Myan, Olmec and Incan rulers enjoyed “the drink of the Gods” – chocolate!  If you want your Valentine to feel like a god or goddess, then we recommend a gift basket with our Chocolate Lover’s Tea.  This tea is made with our very own chocolate and is sold in bags of loose tea for brewing with an infuser.  Chocolate Lover’s Tea is perfect for anyone who craves a smooth, chocolate flavor in a warm and soothing tea.  This is sure to be a special gift for your Valentine, and will show how much you really care!

Lots of Extras to Show the Love

Not only are there unique and custom options for Valentine’s Day gifts, there are alsovalentines day candy some really cute ways to incorporate the more traditional, yet fun, candies too.  Conversation hearts are always a favorite, but instead of adding a random bunch to your gift, or a manufactured box of the sweet treats, go through the bag and pick out the ones that have meaning or suggest something to your Valentine.  They will know how you really feel once they start reading them!  Another great gift is a Heart Truffle Box, which is a heart shaped box made of chocolate, filled with truffles, makes a great alternative to a traditional paper box of chocolates.  And don’t forget, Suzi’s takes nonpareils to a totally new level with red, pink and white sprinkles for Valentine’s Day.

With literally unlimited options for special custom gifts, there’s no need to go anywhere but Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe for all your Valentine’s Day gifts.  Stop by the shoppe, or click here to view some options on our website.  If you’re stuck and you still need help, contact us today!

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